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The Art of Success Through Strategic Planning and Supportive Alliances

February 09, 2024 Ernest Moss Season 1 Episode 4
WTF!? What's The Formula Podcast
The Art of Success Through Strategic Planning and Supportive Alliances
WTF!? What's The Formula Podcast
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Unlock the transformative power of goal-setting and propel yourself toward a triumphant new year! We're diving right into the heart of ambition, tackling the art of crafting clear, impactful goals and introducing you to the life-altering 12-week year strategy. No need to go it alone; inspired by the wisdom of Nipsey Hustle, I explore the immense importance of surrounding yourself with a supportive tribe that pushes you forward. And yes, you might encounter doubters along your path, but remember – their skepticism doesn't define your potential for greatness.

This episode isn't just about setting goals; it's about revolutionizing your entire approach to achievement, with the two core pillars: focus and self-improvement. By keeping your aspirations in constant sight, just like that new car you can't stop spotting, you'll sharpen your focus and turn goal chasing into an addictive, win-hungry journey. I'll guide you through turning your dreams into concrete steps and adjusting your daily habits to align with your ultimate objectives. Moreover, as you prioritize your personal growth, you may find yourself leaving some naysayers behind – but rest assured, it's all in the pursuit of your version of success. With my support and resources from WTF Men's Academy, let's march into this new year ready to shed past burdens and embrace the exhilarating new chapters ahead.

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Speaker 1:

There are so many things that I consider critical in this success that we're all focused on and that we all desire for the new year, one of the most critical things that you can do as someone who has a desire to be even more successful Not to say that we're not successful now, because we definitely are. Things that we endure and the things that we've been through, just as a nation and as people. It makes us successful. But of course, we all want to take that success to another level, especially with the new year right around the corner. My number one thing to become successful in which is 80 me and my success is having goals. Yeah, I know it sounds simple and everybody says the same thing Goals, goals, goals. But it's critical. Test the market. Ask some of your friends that don't have much that you wonder whether or not they have a good desire to be successful, and ask them what their goals are. They all say, yeah, I got goals. Then you ask them you know what are they? Where they at? You got a list of them? Is it near you? Do you have them memorized? Most people don't those that are not destined to be successful, but if you really want to be successful anytime I walk up on you or anyone else walks up on you, you should be able to say these are my goals, at least one or two of them. You may not be able to quote every last one of your goals, but you should have at least a couple of the big goals that you want, and big not meaning the long for his time, but big for his impact, because we don't need to create 20, 30 year goals. I mean, it's okay, I would never say don't create a goal, but I would definitely reverse, engineer that goal, put it in the small bite size pieces, because, as the saying goes and I really hate the same, but you can't eat an elephant in one bite. Why you want to eat an elephant? Oh no, but people say it all the time. But your goals, they're so critical because it's hard to hit a target that you can't see. Let me rephrase that it's impossible to hit a target that you don't see. So if you truly desire something more than what you have, then you have to create a goal, and there's a formula to creating goals that we can get into if you all have time for it. But the overall, whether you utilize my formula, any formula that you get. The goal is to have goals. Get it. The goal is to have goals and make sure that you know them. You see them. They should be printed out posted in your car, on your mirrors, next to your bed at your job. Focus, focus, focus. Because whatever we focus on will expand. We teach that here at the WTF and we teach that to anyone that we come in contact with that. Wherever you put your energy, it's gonna expand and it may not expand as fast as you want, but it may expand faster than you want. So you gotta be ready for it. But that's my number. One thing for the new year, as you are, is to create a goal and, as I stated, we can definitely talk about how to do that. I have a five step formula to creating a goal and I can get into it real quick. First, you gotta have a goal. Like everybody knows that, you can't get started unless you have a goal, and the way we do it is we believe in the 12 week year. Wait a minute, it's 12 months in a year. No, the 12 week year, so it's a quarterly goal. So, instead of an annual goal where it's 12 months, we do it in 12 weeks, roughly 90 days. You can definitely measure yourself within those 90 days and you say, well, my goal is bigger than that and that's okay. My goal is to. My goal is to impact a billion people. I can't do that in 12 weeks, maybe not even 12 months, but I can start measuring my goal by breaking it into chunks and inspect and adapt, inspect and adapt. Make sure that what you're doing is pushing you towards your goal, because your goal is gonna create new habits that you don't have or it's gonna enhance the habits that you have. So there's a lot that goes into these goals and that's one of the big things that we teach is goal setting. So again, number one you gotta have a goal. Number two identify the people around you that can help you with that goal and think, hmm, who in my circle can I trust with my goals and I can trust that might be able to help me with my goals? Because independence is the goal of the middle class. People always wanna do it on their own when they're in the middle class or the lower class. It really isn't a lower class anymore. Build you a team, build you a circle. As the great Nipsey Hustle said, if you don't have a circle that's lifting you up. You have a cage, and if you know that, then for the new year you need to start building you a circle. How do you build a circle? We can get in there too, but you gotta put your goals out there. Let everybody around you know these are my goals and you'll know who's there supporting you. Because I remember when I first mentioned my goals and this was in, I believe it was 2008. And I mentioned my goals of going to college, getting my degrees and becoming a six figure earner, and a lot of people laughed at me. I mean, even my mama thought I was crazy. My son's mother at the time thought I had lost my mind, thinking how in the world are you going to be able to do this? And it hurt, and you got to be prepared for that. You think a lot of people have your back and they want to be supportive, but maybe they don't know how to support you. Whatever your goal is too big for them to support you with, and if that's the case, it's all right. It doesn't make them bad people. It just means that you have to get you a stronger circle. You have to get you a different circle of people who will be able to assist you. Because, as the old as the old statement goes, if you're around four broke people, you'll become the fifth. But, on the positive side, if you hang around four or five successful people, you become the fifth or sixth successful person. So, again, who's in your circle? Who's there to support you? And it may not be mom and them, it may not be brother and them, sister, best friends, they may not be the ones there to support you through this, and you got to be okay with that. You got to be okay with that as we go into the new year. So, yeah, let's. Number one, we're going to have to have a goal. And number two, we list out the people that are going to help us with this goal, because, again, we need help. Stop trying to do it on your own. And number three, and this is a big one, put a date on it. Like Yo Gotti stated, put a date on it. We got to have a completion date. We do ours in 12 weeks and we actually measure out the exact date that you're going to achieve this goal and put a date on it. It gives you something to strive for. You know, the reason why we do this 12 weeks is because, if you know anything about corporate America and about businesses when they do annual planning, it's exciting at the beginning of the year and we're, you know, doing this plan and creating goals and you know a lot of things. In the middle of the year we do nothing. And then what happens towards the end of the year? All now we start busting our butt trying to achieve these goals and these milestones that we set at the beginning of the year. So, to eliminate that whole summer off, we break it down into 12 weeks. So it's small, bite sized pieces. Today you get used to winning and achieving those goals and hopefully completing it before the 12 weeks is up. So again, you got to put that date on it and make sure that you adhere to that date and focus on that date and say this is what I'm going to do it, this is what I'm going to do it. It's going to push you, push you, push you, but you have to have a date on it. Now here's another thing If it's a weight loss, which a lot of people do at the beginning of the year If it's financial, we need a number by just a date, we need a number. So, if you want to lose some weight, put a number on it. If you want to make some money, put a number on it. We need the numbers quantified. For me, let me see what the numbers are, and it could be inches around your waist. That's a number. I want to lose two, three pants sizes. I want to lose a shirt size or a belt size, whatever it is. Put that number on it, make it quantifiable. This is where the analytical side of you comes in at, and you really need that to achieve your goal. And the fifth part and you know I'm going to take a little while on this, because this is something that we don't do very well as people that are on this trajectory of being successful what's in it for you? More than just achieving the goal, more than just saying you accomplished it, because that is amazing to be able to say that but what's in it for you? What do you look like achieving this goal? I mean, seriously close your eyes and imagine that you knock this goal out the park. What do you look like If it's a weight loss, if it's fitness? What do you look like? Envision it and write that down. What do you look like if it's a. If it's a business goal, what do you look like? If it's a relationship goal, you can want to better your marriage, better your relationship with your spouse or your significant other. That's amazing. We all should have that as a goal because we can all improve on that. But what does that look like? This is where your imagination becomes critical, because you have to be able to imagine yourself accomplishing the goal, because, again, it's hard to hit a target If you don't see it. It's almost impossible. We might get lucky and some of us do and think, oh, I, you know, I did my thing, you got lucky. The chances of you doing that again and hitting that same goal and you don't see it is slim to none. But you might. You might get lucky. Some of us are a little more fortunate than others, but if you really want to be consistent with hitting your goals, you have to be able to see it. You have to be able to see the finish line, like when people get in the race they envision running through the tape. When they're in the championships, they're in the Super Bowls, they're in the World Series, the NBA Finals, they imagine themselves. Have you ever seen kids on the playground? They do the countdown at the end of the game and it is three, two and they shoot and the crowd goes wild and there's not a crowd anywhere around. I need you to have that type of enthusiasm about your goals. See yourself hitting the last shot. See yourself hitting the walkoff home run. See yourself hitting the hockey puck, whatever it is and I'm just using sports, for example. See yourself running through the marathon finish line to detect your tape. See yourself cashing that big check with your business. See yourself landing more customers and closing more customers. You got to see this and when you see it, you got. If you see this and you don't smile, then I'm questioning your goals, because I know anybody that I've ever worked with and they saw themselves accomplishing their goals. They couldn't help but smile. A lot of them get goosebumps, chill bumps, whatever you want to call it. The heart stands on their neck because they actually see it. And once you see it, there's some sauce in his scene, because I always use this analogy and you all that are listening to this, you are admitted. If you're being honest, what happens when you buy a new car? It happens to every one of us. When we buy a new car, what happens? We start seeing it everywhere Same color, same mate, same model In different cities. We start seeing it. Why do we start seeing the vehicle? We never saw it before we bought it. We never saw it before we got that vehicle and then, all of a sudden, it started popping up everywhere. It's not like they just made all them. Everybody bought the same car at the same time. What happened is simple for me. You started focusing on it when you were not focused on that vehicle. You drove right past it all day, every day, never even paid attention to it. Once you bought it and you started focusing on it, now you started seeing it all over the place. Why, am I saying, is how does this connect? Once you start focusing on your wins and achieving your goals, seeing yourself hit that game winner, seeing yourself run through that tape, seeing yourself closing those customers and you can do this with simply your imagination Once you start seeing that and focusing on this every single day that's why I said have your goals in your face every single day and you focus on that thing, I guarantee you gonna hit something, you gonna do something, you gonna get close to that goal. You gonna knock that goal out. The parking may not. It may only take you three, four weeks, and that's. That's great, because once you accomplish it, now it's time to set another one. Then you start getting addicted like, ooh, I like achieving these goals. Who gets tired of winning? Who says I want so much, I'm just gonna retire, I don't want to win anymore. Now. Father time will tap you on your shoulder until you sit your butt down. That's different. The Brian James is whooping father time right now. But other than that, you never want to stop winning. It becomes addictive, and if you had a choice to be addicted to anything, winning is maybe one of those things you want to get addicted to. Seeing yourself achieve your goals is one of those things you may want to get addicted to. Going to the gym, eating right, maybe something you want to get addicted to. So addiction Isn't bad unless it's bringing you down. So again, let's walk back to them, and this is my condensed Version, the quick version of the goal setting. We definitely dig into the details of this and there's a lot more work to go through it, but again, number one you have to have a goal. Number two find out and make a list of who's gonna support you in your goal. Number three put a date on it. Number four put some numbers on it again. Numbers, numbers, numbers we need to be able to quantify. And number five what's in it for you? You don't want to do this. If it's nothing in, we're not talking about goals for your children, goals for your spouse with tomorrow, goals for you as we bring in this new year. You have to invest in you. Why? Because once you invest in you, everything around you becomes so much better. Your spouse treats you better, your children will love on you better, the price of gas won't hurt as bad, your pants will fit better. You end up having to buy a whole new wardrobe. I had to do that twice and I had a goal still have fitness goals. You get in the habit of doing this and remember I mentioned you on this is gonna change your daily habits. You have to be ready for that. You cannot keep doing the same thing You're doing, expecting different results. The great Einstein quoted that. That's insanity and a lot of us walk around in insanity. And what I'm Imploring you to do for the new year, it's to look at things differently and realize it's not everything around you that you have control over, it's you. You have control over you. Become the best version of you. It's not too late. It's not based on age. You can become the best, but the very best version of you for this new year and I'm rooting for you. So to follow this, I'm often asked the same question Okay, I got a goal now, what great question. I'm so glad you asked that, now what it's time to create a plan. Yeah, here we go with these. Nobody wants to create a plan. You know. Now you asked me to do could stop being lazy. Don't be lazy with your goals. Don't be lazy with your learning. It's time to create a plan. How do we create a plan? By reverse engineering your goal. Well, what is reverse engineering? We're going backwards. Yes, from where you envision yourself Completing this goal? What steps do you need to take to achieve it? List them out. This is binary, you all. This is not any type of rocket science or mystery, and I don't know what I need to do. Yes, you do, it's right there. Use AI, you can use Siri, you can use Google, whatever you can create steps to build a plan to be successful with your goals. Start with your daily habits. That's one of the biggest ones People think that they can keep doing the same thing and achieve massive goals. No, you have to embrace change. You have to embrace the change because you want more. More comes with change and it also comes with a challenge. But it's all about you. So what I tell all of my mentees and everyone that I come in contact with? It's nice to have goals. You're about 85% further along than most people just by having a goal. But then the next step is to create a plan, a plan of action. It's more than just talking. It's more than just imagining. It's time to take action, like a movie star Action. You should see that in your brain every day, that little what do they call that thing when they chop it down and say action right before the set. Whatever it's called, you all know what I'm talking about. Little black and white thing. It's time to take action. And you might be wondering I don't know what to do. I don't want to do. Sit your behind down and draft up a plan. Utilize technology. Technology is there to help us along the way. We can figure this out. It's not rocket science, you all. This is binary. What does binary mean? Binary means it's either on or off, it's yes or no, there's no gray areas and no mysteries and I have to solve. No people have done this. Wise people have done this. I just heard a quote recently where an individual stated that a wise person learns from wise people. A fool learns from his own mistakes. A wise man learns from other wise people mistakes and there's books out there, there's videos out there, there's a lot of tutorials out there that will allow you to be successful with your plan and what you want to do in accomplishing your goals. Or you can try to figure it out on your own and learn from your own mistakes. That is a fool's route. Well, experience is the best teacher, and it is a teacher. I don't necessarily know it's the best. This is an example. I know for a fact that getting shot hurts. How do I know that? Because I've seen people who've been shot. Have I been shot? No, do I want to get shot? Do I want to experience that? Absolutely not. But I bet you, I know it hurt. I don't have to experience that. You don't have to experience losses, mistakes, stumbles and fumbles along the way. You don't have to experience that. You're going to experience some things anyway. But don't look forward to experiencing that. Don't say, well, I'm just going to fail for the sake of failing. No, it's some things you will fail at, but there's a lot of things that others before you have felt that, and they put those things in books and YouTube videos. Some of them do it online with lives, but there's a lot of information out there to allow you to stop fumbling so much and get successful with your goals by creating a plan and utilizing again what a lot of other people have made mistakes with, and it's just a matter of searching. So, as we get ready to wrap up this old year and moving to the new year, I want you all to remember some of the things that we went over, but the most critical of them all is to have goals, create your plan and adjust your daily habits. Now, when you start removing some of your old bad habits, you need to replace those new habits and you think what can I do to replace the old habits? Do some meditation, do some information, read more books, get new hobbies, like think of something that you've never done before, and so you know what I want to dedicate a couple of hours a week to this topic. It could be anything. It could be golfing, boating, chess. There's a lot of different things that you can really do to expand your network and expand your mind. Just learn more. I mean, you're capable of all of these great things, but we get caught up in this doing the same thing over and over because that's what we're used to. That's the comfort zone and again, as I stated earlier, the comfort zone will choke out all your greatness, because you cannot remain in your comfort zone and expect to be great. Great people do great things. They don't do things that are comfortable all the time. Sometimes it's uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable, and getting started and getting going is some of the most difficult times that you're going to face, because it's all brand new. But once it gets baked in and those new habits become habitual, where you do it on autopilot, then you'll see the growth and everything around you will change Like. This is the year to focus on us. This is the year to focus on you, no one else. You first get you together and watch. Everything around you will change and become better. Yes, some people are going to be removed out of your life. That's part of it. But if they're removed, then they weren't on your team anyway, because you're out here set to do great things and I'm rooting for you. I believe in you. I know that this new year is going to be the greatest year of your life. You're going to do some things that you've never even thought of doing, some of the things you have thought of doing and you put off, but you're going to knock those out this year. And again it's your guy, coach Biggie, rooting for you. Go out there and follow me. I'm on all that. Social media is the YouTube page with the WTF Men's Academy. Go out there and check us out. We have a lot of videos like this audios, free books and you can set up a one-on-one consultation call if you need help with setting these goals. I promise you I got you, but I'm rooting for you all again for this new year. Happy New Year. Let a lot less stuff remain in this previous year. Let it stay there. You all. Don't bring it into the new year. We bring in new stuff into the new year.

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