This Is The Way: Chinese Philosophy Podcast

Episode 3: Oneness

February 19, 2024 Richard Kim and Justin Tiwald Season 1 Episode 3
Episode 3: Oneness
This Is The Way: Chinese Philosophy Podcast
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In this episode we explore the fascinating topic of Oneness with our guest Philip J. Ivanhoe, a distinguished scholar and translator of East Asian philosophy.

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We thank Lena Li (LI La 李拉 ) for her expert editing and sound engineering. We also thank the blog Warp, Weft & Way for hosting the discussion for this episode.

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Part I -- Introduction
• Justin's quick summary of Neo-Confucianism
Part II -- Oneness
• Introducing our guest: Philip J. Ivanhoe
• Three motivations for the book on oneness
• A pragmatic alternative to Neo-Confucian metaphysics
• The truth-value of oneness: neither "strictly true," nor a groundless hallucination
• Oneness as a source of security, spontaneity, and metaphysical comfort
• The worry that the oneness view can't make sense of genuine altruism
• Whether life is required for a sense of mutual identity (biocentric views vs. Wang Yangming's view)
• Closing questions for our guest