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ROGER CRISP: Towards a Global Hedonism

July 06, 2022 Centre for Ethics
Philosophy Voiced
ROGER CRISP: Towards a Global Hedonism
Show Notes

In this podcast PhD students Peter Tuck and Vladimir Lukić speak with Professor Roger Crisp on his paper Towards a Global Hedonism. Professor Crisp is one of the two keynotes (with Doctor Debbie Roberts) at the upcoming PhD conference: What Really Matters? Reflections on Human Values taking place August 24-26 at the University of Pardubice, Czech Republic. 
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Professor Crisp is Professor of Moral Philosophy at Oxford University and Uehiro fellow and tutor in philosophy at St. Anne's College, Oxford. His work falls principally within the field of ethics. Roger has written several books including but not limited to:

Reasons and the good (2006),
The cosmos of duty: Henry Sidgwick's Methods of ethics
(2018), &
Sacrifice regained: morality and self-interest in British moral philosophy from Hobbes to Bentham

Here is the abstract forTowards a Global Hedonism

This chapter argues that, of all alleged values of any kind, only pleasure is of ultimate axiological significance. It begins with the suggestion that absolute value—the value some item has through possessing a lower-order evaluative property that makes the world in which it is instantiated good—is foundational. Pleasantness is characterised as a basic category of phenomenal consciousness, and the charge of reductionism against hedonism based on this conception is refuted. Defences of hedonism against various forms of objection that it is counter-intuitive are modelled on an analogy with defences of consequentialism, and the general position is then applied to moral, aesthetic, and epistemic value. It is claimed that those attracted by the parsimony and elegance of welfarism (the view that the fundamental value is well-being) might find these qualities within hedonism in particular.

podcast edited by Patrick Keenan