The Millionaire Mompreneur Project

EP 213: #HSBT How To Give Up Control So You Can Grow Your Business With Courtney Wolf

April 05, 2022 Season 1 Episode 213
The Millionaire Mompreneur Project
EP 213: #HSBT How To Give Up Control So You Can Grow Your Business With Courtney Wolf
Show Notes

#HowSheBuiltThis - After seven years working behind the scenes for a Fortune 500 company and as a COO for an online brand, Courtney Wolf took a leap of faith following God's calling starting Courtney Wolf Coaching empowering ambitious moms to turn their brilliant ideas into income and master growing their business in the nooks & crannies of their day.

Tune in to today's episode for a real life BTS chat all about the steps to release control of all the things you have on your plate as a mom so you can show up in control more for the needle moving actions that will catapult you to a life and business more in tune with your dreams because (Write this down or screenshot it) as Craig Groeschel says, "You can have control or you can have growth, but you cannot have both!"
Courtney also shares what she views as THE THING that took her from idea to income on her terms when she really wasn't sure she could profitable and sustainable. 

BTW - Enjoy the background noise of my kids losing their mind. (Insert palm to face emoji) It is what it is and the quicker I embraced this is my life, not try to hide it and not give a F* who doesn't like it, the quicker my business exploded. 

NEWSFLASH - Your dream clients don't want you to wait till things are perfect and they don't want you to pretend your life is a certain way all the while hiding your skeletons in the closet in hopes they dont' find out.  My best clients fell in love with me BECAUSE my kids are always in the background, because I'm willing to do it messy and scared and light the way for them to follow.  AND YOURS WILL TOO.

You can connect with Courtney on Instagram at @courtney__wolf

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