The Millionaire Mompreneur Project

EP 227: Million Dollar Moves Starting From Zero (LIFE IS SHORT)

July 05, 2022 Season 1 Episode 227
The Millionaire Mompreneur Project
EP 227: Million Dollar Moves Starting From Zero (LIFE IS SHORT)
Show Notes

28 years ago today my dad passed unexpectedly.  I learned young how short life is.  And as we stare an uncertain prognosis in the face with my husbands health, I am reminded to stop waiting and LIVE LIFE.   LIVE our dreams NOW because tomorrow may never come.

I know that you may feel like an underdog in your business dreams and want so badly stand out and grow your business with more ease and flow but you're worried that maybe it's just not possible.  It wasn't that long ago I felt the exact same way. 

I created the MMP from zero, like literal zero and now we celebrate multi 6-figure months.  Trust me when I say, making millions is possible for you too.
Today's episode is just the pep-talk you need to ignite or re-ignite the fire inside you to create a Million Dollar Brand and bank account on your terms as I give you the BTS into how I went from ZERO to Millionaire Mompreneur status in part-time hours. 

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