The Gutsy Podcast

13: Imposter Syndrome

April 09, 2019
The Gutsy Podcast
13: Imposter Syndrome
The Gutsy Podcast
13: Imposter Syndrome
Apr 09, 2019
Laura Wallace | Worx Graphic Design
Breaking down all the feels that come with feeling like a fraud - even though you're not.
Show Notes

How many times have you done something that seems pretty incredible to you? You have accomplished something new, you've overcome an obstacle, you've just really excelled in your business or an area of your life, and then within kind of the same breath, you think: Well, who am I even to do these things? I don't deserve them.

Today's episode on The Gutsy Podcast is talking about Imposter Syndrome: Something that more people than not suffer from, and how we can kind of start to overcome it.

Imposter Syndrome is really at the baseline all about feeling like you don't belong or don't deserve something. Like you're not cut out for the job that you have been given or any of your accomplishments aren't really real because you're a fake. Sometimes when people are experiencing this, they feel like everything that has happened to them is based out of luck and at any given moment it's all going to fall through and everyone's going to figure them out.

You'll notice this shows up a lot when someone achieves something and you hear people praise or really compliment this person and they immediately start to shut it down: Oh, well it's only because this person was there with me or it's only because I had this contact and they're the ones that really did it.

You know, there's a difference in wanting to share the limelight (which I think is really notable and just a really important thing to do), but you also don't want to discount the hard work and the knowledge you've actually put into something as well. When imposter syndrome is present, which it's in a lot more of us than we realize, that quick push-off is a quick way to turn all the heads and attention onto someone else. Because if people are not focusing on you and your accomplishments, then they can't quote-unquote figure you out.

In a lot of people's minds, if too much spotlight is put on them or too much acknowledgment is put on them - or even too much success comes into their life - they think all of a sudden they're going to be put on trial in front of a jury of people that are going to vote and say, You know what? The jury's out. You're fake. You faked it all along. We knew that you weren't true. All of your accomplishments are based on other people and you didn't actually achieve anything. 

Guys, I don't know about you, but that comment alone is scary and it sounds awful - but it's really the truth. Now, the actuality behind it is not true, but the feelings are very, very true. And when a feeling is present and not able to be worked through, it's our reality. (Continue Reading)

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