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14: Branding as Yourself vs. Branding as a Business

April 16, 2019
The Gutsy Podcast
14: Branding as Yourself vs. Branding as a Business
The Gutsy Podcast
14: Branding as Yourself vs. Branding as a Business
Apr 16, 2019
Laura Wallace | Worx Graphic Design
You are your business and your business is you, so your brand should be an extension of who you are at your core.
Show Notes

We live in a timeframe where it has become a lot more simplistic for us to create brands, not just in person but online. Between Instagram and Facebook and Twitter – and all the other social media platforms that are available to us – often the first step in a lot of businesses is just opening up one of those accounts. This week on The Gutsy Podcast, we’re going to talk about the difference between branding yourself as a person versus branding as a business entity.

This is often times one of the biggest questions that we get when clients are talking to us and prospects are like, you know, I’m not really sure where to begin, whether I should brand myself and my name, or if I should create a fictitious name and create a business in that direction.

I want to preface this with there really is not a right or wrong answer to this. It’s really all about you and the business you want to create and the type of brand you want to build. So whether you do one direction or the other, neither are right or wrong.

The most important thing, regardless of which one you choose, is to create a cohesive brand experience. Back in Episode 4, we really dug down into the depths of creating a brand. So if you didn’t catch that episode, I definitely recommend to go back and listen to that because we talk a lot about the fundamentals and foundational aspects to creating a brand. So I’m not going to really get down into the weeds of what our brand is, but instead today I want to help you really understand the differences, the pros and cons, and some of the differentiating factors between the two. (Continue Reading)

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