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15: Being an Empathetic Entrepreneur

April 23, 2019
The Gutsy Podcast
15: Being an Empathetic Entrepreneur
The Gutsy Podcast
15: Being an Empathetic Entrepreneur
Apr 23, 2019
Laura Wallace | Worx Graphic Design
A lot of people associate empathy with weakness, but after really exploring this I've realized empathy is truly one heck of a superpower.
Show Notes

Do you ever watch a movie and find yourself feeling whatever the character has going on?

So maybe they’re walking around the corner and you know a killer is on the other side and you can just feel the fear in your body? Or you see that there’s heartbreak or someone has lost someone and you can feel it in your body and you’re just sad – like you can literally feel it down into your core?

If some of these things sound like you, then you’re probably an empathetic person. Sometimes it’s referred to as an empath, and this week on The Gutsy Podcast, we’re going to talk about how empathy and entrepreneurship work together.

If you’re familiar with the concept of empathy and you know me, you know that I fit the bill about 127,000%. But if you’re not overly familiar with the concept of empathy, it’s the ability to understand and feel other people’s feelings and emotions. It’s having the ability to connect with people on a human level and really truly understand how they’re feeling and what they’re saying and not just listening into the conversation.

Like I mentioned, if you’re watching a movie and you can literally feel the characters and the emotions that they’re having or if you’re witnessing, you know, an argument through people and you can really feel the pain that person is feeling. Or one of the top places my empathy loves to kick in is when I’m experiencing someone doing something that they absolutely love to do.

For instance, we went to see it Frozen on Broadway and I’m telling you, I probably cried more than every collective little girl in that entire auditorium because there’s something about the magic of watching these performers on stage in their light doing what they absolutely love to do. And then experiencing the beauty and the craft that comes out of their voices. I mean, my empathy was like flying through the roof. At the very core, empathy is simply just the ability to understand and share feelings with another person, whether they’re in your presence or not.

Being an empath means that you feel everything. This is one of the greatest gifts that a person can have, but it can also be one of the most challenging emotions to overcome. My empathy is actually so strong that I can sense when someone is feeling something, even without them saying a word. I can walk into a room and sense the energy in the room. It’s almost like a sixth sense that allows me to pick up on things both good and bad.

And then let’s add being an entrepreneur on top of that. So how does empathy play into being an entrepreneur? (Continue Reading)

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