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17: High Functioning, But Anxious with Heather Tydings

May 06, 2019
The Gutsy Podcast
17: High Functioning, But Anxious with Heather Tydings
The Gutsy Podcast
17: High Functioning, But Anxious with Heather Tydings
May 06, 2019
Laura Wallace | Worx Graphic Design
You've got so many things going on you feel like you just might snap. So how do you set those boundaries?
Show Notes

So you are working hard day and night. You are pounding things out like they are your job because let's face it, it kind of is right? Yet on the inside, you feel like a complete train wreck. You are anxious, you are overwhelmed. You've got so many things going on that you feel like if you turn your head the wrong direction, all the sands gonna drop. So how do we set those boundaries? How do we endure just comfort to make changes that lead us to feel like we can live a large and fearless life? I mean, can we truly work smarter and not harder and also feel fulfilled?

Guys, I am so excited because today on The Gutsy Podcast we have our first ever guest, Heather Tydings, and she is going to dig into all these things. She is the owner of Own Your Evolution. She's a psychotherapist and certified Martha Beck Life Coach for women and teen girls who want to live a soulful, mindful, and potent life. She works with them to design a vibrant life by tuning into their internal wisdom using mindfulness practices and spirituality. She presents as an extrovert, but she is a true empath (which I can completely relate to) and has a deep abiding need for quietness and stillness. She's a mama bear to an adorable 11-year-old son, she's a writer, a pilates lover, and a lifetime vegetarian.

Heather, welcome to The Gutsy Podcast.

"Thank you, Laura. Thanks for having me."

Absolutely. This is a joy for me and I know for all of our guests. Now before we begin, icebreaker/fun fact - You met Oprah? So we need to talk about that.

"I totally did meet Oprah!"

How'd that happen?

"Oh, well I started getting into vision boarding, um, kind of as an experiment after I think I saw Martha Beck on Oprah. So I started to play with vision boards and I was going through a really big transitional period of my life. And, um, I created one and on the Vision Board, I put a picture of Mrs. Winfrey in a big purple, bold purple sweater. And I thought I'm going to meet her. I want to - she kind of grew me up. I learned so much about life and myself by watching her show in my teen years. And I wanted to meet my mother, though she didn't know she was my mother. 

And funny, I found out that she opened the window on her website for one day a month and you had to go and put your information and you had a watch it every day and put your information in to get on her show. And so I did that for about a year and I was not giving up. Um, they did not call me. And finally..." (Continue Reading)

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