The Gutsy Podcast

Powerback 128: Undoing Your Resistance

September 08, 2022 LauraAura
The Gutsy Podcast
Powerback 128: Undoing Your Resistance
Show Notes

At what point in our journey did we stop playing? When did we lose that childlike spark in us? We forget that play is a natural part of who we are as humans. And because we often go against ourselves, resistance comes up. 

Resistance to change, resistance to finances, resistance to friendships, to relationships, to love, to growth, to help… Resistance shows up in any and every type of way you can imagine. So, in today’s Powerback®, we’re going to undo your resistance.

Here’s how:

  • Recognize where you’re experiencing resistance
  • Use movement to release that resistance
  • Reclaim and reframe that area of your life


So, are you ready and willing to start making tiny shifts to reclaim that part of yourself? I’m here to tell you that you do have the ability to explore and do the things that bring you happiness, joy, and peace. 


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