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129: Eliminate Overload and Overwhelm with Joshua Bloom

September 13, 2022 LauraAura
The Gutsy Podcast
129: Eliminate Overload and Overwhelm with Joshua Bloom
Show Notes

It's no secret that owning and operating a business can be overwhelming.

And if you're also an empath with intuitive abilities… Well, things can get really intense really fast.

Caring for your mind, body, and soul is an essential part of growing a successful business, and allowing yourself to tap into your innate powers creates limitless possibilities.

Today we're talking with Quantum Energy Specialist Joshua Bloom about eliminating overload and overwhelm so that you can feel vibrant, alive, and in alignment.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What empaths and intuitives are
  • How to step out of overload and overwhelm 
  • Refocusing your energy: going from overwhelm to embodied connection
  • How to protect your energy as an empath or intuitive person
  • What the Quantum Field is and why it matters
  • How you can go into the Quantum Field

Joshua is an internationally acclaimed, trusted authority on Quantum Transformation. Number one best-selling author of The Ultimate Answer Is Inside and the executive producer of the cutting-edge film, The Ultimate Answer Is Inside. Joshua has developed his own modality called Quantum Energy Transformation – which invites extraordinary empaths and intuitives to go inside themselves to access the quantum field.

Resources from this episode

Joshua’s FREE gift mentioned in this episode can be accessed HERE.

To grab the resources mentioned inside the episode, go to:

Connect with Joshua Bloom

Facebook: @QuantumEnergyTransformation

Instagram: @beingquantumnow

Twitter: @QuantumEnergyC

Linkedin: Joshua Bloom


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