The Gutsy Podcast

5: Vulnerability

February 12, 2019 Laura Wallace | Worx Graphic Design
The Gutsy Podcast
5: Vulnerability
Show Notes

On this week’s podcast, I open up about something that is pretty uncomfortable for me to talk about. It’s been taunting me for years and just a few weeks ago, I decided to own it and share my situation with you.

It’s taken me quite some time to become more comfortable with being vulnerable. I used to hold in my feelings in fear that someone would say negative things about me or worse yet, leave me. I had the mindset that I was the only person feeling like this – I’m alone and there’s something wrong with me. No one else could possibly have these feelings, especially not the people I idolize.

Due to some deep-rooted childhood events, crappy relationships, and business clients or partnerships that went south, I’ve had a long-lasting fear that if I acted, talked, or behaved 100% as who I knew I was, that everyone around me would vanish (which is of course crazy to think, right?).

The tough part is, people have left. And in the moment, it felt as though the world was ending. “Here we go again,” I would think. But through some deep personal worth with myself and my therapist, I came to this conclusion: If someone leaves, they weren’t intended to stay. And here I am. Still the strong, Laura-Aura-filled human that I am.

Without identifying the root, I wouldn’t have this podcast or blog that you’re reading right now which means I wouldn’t have the chance to inspire other people to do what’s calling them. Crazy, huh?

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