The Gutsy Podcast

9: Branding Your Space

March 12, 2019
The Gutsy Podcast
9: Branding Your Space
The Gutsy Podcast
9: Branding Your Space
Mar 12, 2019
Laura Wallace | Worx Graphic Design
Branding your space is not only an investment in your company today, but it's an investment in the growth of your company for years to come.
Show Notes

This week on The Gutsy Podcast, we’re talking about the space you work in and how it makes a drastic impact on your mood, your productivity, and how it impacts the decision-making process with your clients.

When I first started Worx, I literally worked from my couch. Which obviously was not the most ideal place to meet clients or represent the new company that I had just created. So most of the time I was going out to either meet clients at their office, or out at a coffee shop, or meeting for lunch, and then lugging everything back to my house and creating some sort of filing system from my couch and coffee table.

One of my top goals was to be able to be there with my newborn son, see him off to school when that came around, be there when he got home, and be able to watch all of the firsts in his life. And that came along with a very understanding husband, very supportive husband, as I grew from the couch to the kitchen table. Where by day I would have an office set up and by night I would have to take everything off of it, sit it on the floor, make dinner, put it on the table, clear all that off, and set the office backup for the next day.

We also had some pretty rock-star landlords at the time. So when we outgrew (and when I say we, I mean like me because let’s face it – when you’re starting off, we sounds way better than I), so when we, quote-unquote, outgrew the kitchen table, our landlord supported and allowed us to change the back of the garage into an office. Which was insanely exciting because for the very first time I had an actual space where I could set up an actual desk or I could go to work and it not impact my day to day family life. (Continue Reading)

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