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It Sucks to Be A Boss Mama
December 05, 2018 Laura Kyttanen and Liz Tufano with T Lopez

Everyone can agree that juggling boss mama life isn't always easy. Between school runs, business meetings, meal prepping and just finding time for yourself - it can all be exhausting and overwhelming at times. Heck, one might even say "It sucks to be a boss mama!" 

That's why we are so excited to interview Official T Lopez, host of PBS’ world music program, Musicology, as well as DASH Radio’s weekly live international show, MOM LIFE YO, which she co-created and co-produces. On top of being married to Scratch DJ Academy-LA founder, DJ Hapa and parenting two beautiful daughters who keep their lives very busy and occasionally join them on tour and on stage. 

If one of your dreams is to have more balance and spend time on things that make you happy in business and your personal life, then this is an episode you will want to listen to.

During our interview with T, we talk about what it is like as a woman who lives life in the fast lane as a busy mom, wife and woman in the limelight.  But she didn’t get there without many obstacles and setbacks. Having grit and soul despite negative circumstances has been the driving force for her successes. And that is exactly what we discuss with T - tips and tricks on how to change our mindset in order to live a life we love no matter what we are doing or faced with!

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