Why You're Not Landing Job Offers! Critical Job Search MISTAKES To Avoid | EP 006
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The Career Catalyst With Heather Austin
Why You're Not Landing Job Offers! Critical Job Search MISTAKES To Avoid | EP 006
Apr 22, 2024 Episode 6
Heather Austin

Are you feeling like you're throwing your resume into a big black hole, applying left and right to jobs, regardless of whether they seem too ambitious or frankly, a bit below your skill level? Maybe you’ve tweaked your resume more times than you can count, and sent out cover letter after cover letter, only to be met with silence? 

In this episode, we’re diving into why snagging that job offer feels like an uphill battle, and pinpointing the critical errors that are holding you back from standing out among the crowd. 

Join us as we explore the six major challenges job seekers face today:

  • Economic Factors & Job Market Trends: How economic climates shape job availability.
  • Technology & AI Advancements: The double-edged sword of innovation in job searching.
  • Mastering the ATS: Tips to ensure your resume gets seen by human eyes.
  • Global Competition: Navigating increased competition in a connected world.
  • Skill Mismatch: Aligning your skills with current employer demands.
  • The Power of Networking: Leveraging connections for better job prospects.

Plus, don’t miss out on a special bonus for our listeners—a free 12-page job search planner and workbook to help you organize and enhance your job hunting strategy. Tune in to transform your job search from daunting to doable!


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