Changing the Angry Mama Heart Through Prayer
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Motherhood Restored Podcast
Changing the Angry Mama Heart Through Prayer
May 07, 2024 Season 1 Episode 10
Natalie Hixson, CPLC | The Angry Mama Coach

Today, Natalie is sharing how you can implement prayer consistently throughout the day. Doing this will help soften your heart toward your kids and husband. It will also keep you in a productive place, as you will be more aware when it comes to SIT and Praying. You’ll even find more joy because the more you commune with the Lord, the more peace you will experience!

You’re not a bad mom if you haven’t made prayer a priority; it happens to all of us!

Even moms who do prayer regularly miss it from time to time.

It wasn’t until Natalie had some serious challenges that needed addressing with her children that she finally hit the ground praying consistently, and through this, she developed the Prayer Alarm method.

Natalie invites you to listen in and stay for this journey.

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Bible References:
Psalm 94:19

Other References:
Blog: SIT & Pray
Podcast: Help! I’m Angry Now! Calm Mom Anger in the Moment

Take your first steps to overcome destructive anger so you can be the fun, present and joyful wife and mom you want to be!

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