Open the Door to Healing With Your Husband | Interview with Alisa DiLorenzo
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Motherhood Restored Podcast
Open the Door to Healing With Your Husband | Interview with Alisa DiLorenzo
May 14, 2024 Season 1 Episode 11
Natalie Hixson, CPLC | The Angry Mama Coach

Today, Natalie has the privilege of hosting Alisa DiLorenzo, A Renowned Figure in the field of marriage counseling and coaching. 

Alisa and her husband, Tony, run a highly acclaimed marriage podcast and have authored numerous best-selling books. As a wife, mother, Believer, and marriage coach, Alisa brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the table. 

Natalie and Alisa chat about how to open the door of communication with your husband around your healing journey. 

How do you ask for his support in your healing journey?

How do you encourage him in his own personal growth journey? 

This interview will give you hope, inspiration, great tips, and strategies to help you and your husband heal so you can grow closer to each other and with the Lord.

Natalie invites you to listen in and stay for this journey.

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Bible References:

Jeremiah Chapter 29


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