The Americas Today

A Conversation with Shannon O'Neil

March 11, 2024 Global Americans Season 1 Episode 2
The Americas Today
A Conversation with Shannon O'Neil
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Even with Haiti unraveling and immigration crises escalating at the southern border, did you notice the Americas were entirely omitted from last Thursday's State of the Union? Sadly, it's not unusual. Why this oversight in a world engulfed in conflict? Dive into 'The Americas Today' with the Council on Foreign Relation's VP Shannon O’Neil as we unpack ‘The United States’ Missed Opportunity in Latin America’ and discuss the untapped potential amidst global challenges.

State of the Union
Why doesn't the U.S. pay more attention to Latin America?
How can the U.S. reengage with Latin America?
Global Competition for Latin America
What U.S. policies can help Latin America become economically competitive?
U.S. Advantages over China/Russia
Latin America's Advantage in the U.S.