Growing and Transitioning an Insurance Agency with Kash Fadaie: From a Refugee to a multi-million dollar CEO
30 Minutes with Insurance CEO
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30 Minutes with Insurance CEO
Growing and Transitioning an Insurance Agency with Kash Fadaie: From a Refugee to a multi-million dollar CEO
Apr 25, 2024 Season 2 Episode 4

In this episode of the '30 Minute with Insurance CEO' podcast, host Raution, CEO of InsuredMine, engages in a deep-diving conversation with Kash Fadaie, CEO and founder of Fadaie Insurance Servoces. Kash shares his inspirational journey from a refugee to a successful insurance agency entrepreneur in the United States. Starting with his early struggles, he details his venture into the insurance industry in 2004, his initial challenges, and how he grew his business by focusing on personal lines, commercial lines, and eventually life insurance. Kash emphasizes the importance of investing in technology, hiring the right people, and creating systems for delegation to transition from a self-employed individual to a business owner and finally an investor. He also discusses the impact of COVID-19 on his agency, leading to a virtual business model that resulted in significant growth and expansion into Texas. The podcast delves into Kash's personal growth and the pivotal role of meditation and spiritual awakening in his life and business, underlining the interconnectedness of personal well-being with business success. Additionally, Kash outlines his future ambitions for Fedai Insurance, aiming to become a general agency, then an insurance carrier, while stressing the importance of having a clear vision and the power of manifestation.

00:00 Welcome to the Journey: Meet Kash Fedai, Insurance Maverick
01:04 From Refugee to Insurance CEO: Kash's Inspiring Story
02:26 Building an Insurance Empire: Strategies and Growth
07:35 Embracing Technology and Going Virtual: A COVID-19 Pivot
10:44 The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Beyond Insurance
14:45 A CEO's Personal Growth: Investing in Self
19:41 A Journey of Spiritual Awakening and Self-Discovery
21:06 Embracing Meditation: A Life-Changing Practice
21:47 The Power of Going Within: Insights and Apologies
22:20 From Personal Transformation to Professional Innovation
26:40 Investing in Technology: A Game-Changer for Business
31:49 The Philosophy of Service and the Role of CRM
33:35 Fostering an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Insurance
37:43 Vision for the Future: Scaling to New Heights