Beyond Paper: The Digital Evolution of Seibert Insurance Agency with Karyn Roeling
30 Minutes with Insurance CEO
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30 Minutes with Insurance CEO
Beyond Paper: The Digital Evolution of Seibert Insurance Agency with Karyn Roeling
May 13, 2024

In this episode of '30 Minutes with an Insurance CEO', host Raution Jaiswal, CEO and co-founder of InsuredMine, interviews Karyn Roeling, president of Seibert Insurance Agency, to discuss her journey in the insurance industry, the evolution of her agency, and her strategies for growth and success. Karyn shares her background of growing up in an insurance family, her transition from marine biology to insurance during college, and her rise through the ranks from underwriter to president of her father's agency. She highlights the agency's move towards modernization by going paperless, adopting an agency management system in 2006, and the challenges of scaling the business in a digital age. Karyn also discusses the importance of hiring and training the right people, specializing roles within the agency, and the flexibility and productivity of remote work pre-and-post COVID. The conversation also touches on personal and organizational goals, including fostering a new generation of insurance professionals, and Karyn's vision for the future of her agency and the industry at large.

00:00 Welcome to the Podcast: Insights from InsuredMine's CEO
00:47 Meet Karyn Roeling: A Journey from Marine Biology to Insurance Mogul
02:29 Transforming the Agency: Going Paperless and Embracing Technology
03:38 The Evolution of Seabert Insurance Agency: Growth and Remote Work
05:51 Karyn's Entrepreneurial Spirit and the Flexibility of Remote Work
08:39 Building a Team: Hiring Strategies and Promoting from Within
12:34 Challenges and Triumphs: The Journey to a Paperless Office
18:48 Growth and Challenges: Scaling the Business in the Insurance Industry
19:19 Exploring Hiring Strategies and Team Dynamics
20:21 Innovative Sales and Service Model Transformation
21:02 Achieving Growth Through Specialization and Client Education
22:27 The Power of Team Training and Personal Development
27:20 Personal Insights: Balancing Work and Life
33:13 Embracing Technology and Future Visions for the Industry