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Learn sales from the dean of sales training----Steve Schiffman---40 years of experience each week, tips and techniques you never knew or forgot. Increase your sales today.Who is Steve Schiffman. Nearly 40 years ago Steve Schiffman got a job selling for a magazine. He found out in the first week that no one called HIM, no one wanted to buy and without appointments he would fail. He began by tape recording every cold call that he made and listened to them. He discovered the same objections resulted each time. He learned to turn objections around quickly and started teaching these techniques to others. His first book came out 35 years ago, and after revisions, has sold millions of copies throughout the world. He has written 70 books on many topics all relating to sales---even a children’s book on sales---he is in demand to speak in countries throughout world. Steve Schiffman has worked with 500,000 sales people in 9000 companies in 43 countries. Steve understands sales and has worked with so many industries.What Steve brings to these podcasts is his ability to explain how to turn the most common or most complex objection around. There is nothing that he has not heard, but more to the point, he knows how to teach you the same thing! Yes you will know what is coming, and how to turn the objection into a sale. He will teach you how to mange a pipeline so it is 85 accurate, and how to fill the pipeline with new appointments or meetings on the phone or in personIf you are selling a product, service----- if you are selling medical supplies or heavy duty trucks, then you need to listen to Steve Schiffman every week. Win with Steve Schiffman….why would you not want to increase sales and your self confidence in any situation. Topics that Steve will cover in the coming weeks include:•Reading body language in sales•Getting appointments•Handling the difficult buyer•The types of buyers—there are 4•Handlin and stopping the sales slump•Become a better self-manager•Get along with people that you dislike•Debunking the common sales lore

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