EP 08 - James Field – Why MDC FINALLY Made an On-Road Caravan - Launching Our Forte SR Series
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EP 08 - James Field – Why MDC FINALLY Made an On-Road Caravan - Launching Our Forte SR Series
May 17, 2024 Season 1 Episode 8
MDC Offroad Caravans and Camper Trailers

“While we've built our reputation on award-winning off-road 4WD models, we recognize the need to venture into a new market to better serve our customers. After all, not everyone's journey leads them off the beaten path.

Our goal with the Forte SR Series is to offer something different, something tailored to those who seek the comfort and convenience of sealed road travel. With seven models ranging from 9ft to 19ft in length, there's an SR caravan for every kind of adventure seeker, and now it’s even more affordable."
James Field, MDC General Manager – Commercial & Product

This week in OFFGRID DOWNUNDER is very exciting, because MDC are doing something that might come as a shock to most people already familiar with the brand… the company is launching the new Forte SR Series – a Sealed Road caravan range that sits alongside their highly popular and award winning 4WD range.

We sat down and spoke with James Field, the General Manager - Commercial and Product at MDC, and he shared with us a behind the scenes preview into the launch, and we asked him all the questions you would want to know, and hopefully we’ve answered them for you in this episode!

James started his career as a blue-collar 17-year-old cabinetmaker for a European motorhome company. He learned all aspects from the interior, plumbing, electrical, and chassis engineering, from the ground up. He moved on to one of Queensland's largest caravan dealerships and ran their workshop for several years – from service repair, warranty, pre-delivery, and product development model improvements.

He worked for TAFE Queensland, as a training provider and developed some technical resources to help people in the trade to learn more about how to build and repair caravans. Then he worked for the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, which is the peak national body for everything caravan and camping, working in compliance including government regulatory change.

One of James’ roles at MDC was to also help bring the Forte SR Series to life. And to make MDC more accessible to people who might not require all the features of a heavier, more robust 4WD caravan, but to create a range that allows customers to enter the market for a cheaper price and easier towing, but maintain the same high quality, luxury accessories, safety, reliability, energy conscious and camping lifestyle that all MDC owners are lucky to have.

If you’re watching this episode in real time, we’d love to see you at our official launch at the Let’s Go Queensland Caravan & Camping Show in Brisbane between 5th and 9th June 2024. Or visit a local showroom near you after this date.

Melissa J Scott
MDC Community Manager

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