Ep 09 - How To Concept and Produce A New Range of Caravans // Forte SR On-Road Series
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Ep 09 - How To Concept and Produce A New Range of Caravans // Forte SR On-Road Series
May 24, 2024 Season 1 Episode 9
MDC Offroad Caravans and Camper Trailers

Hello and welcome to OFFGRID DOWNUNDER. Today we’re chatting with James Field, General Manager of Commercial and Product at MDC Campers and Caravans, and the Owner, Vaughan Hindley. We spoke with them at length about MDC’s latest achievement - the launch of a brand-new range, the Forte SR Series On-Road Caravans.

James is an expert in product development and enhancement at MDC, which is well-known for being a company that constantly releases new and improved products, and he shares his excitement and challenges of working for a company committed to innovation and quality improvement.

He explains that the foundation of MDC’s success is a company culture driven by a passion for constant innovation, inspired by the forward-thinking leadership of Vaughan Hindley. Vaughan’s vision and passion for being a leader in the industry has allowed James and his team to invest substantial time and resources into developing new models like the Forte SR Series.

If you’ve ever been interested to know all about what actually goes into the detailed process behind launching an entire new caravan range, then you will really enjoy this episode.

“It starts with a model development group, a ‘think-tank’ of select staff who meet every three to six months. This group reviews past achievements, analyses data, and discusses future directions. The ideas generated here set the scene for the development process.”

Once a concept is decided, the team evaluates it from commercial, regulatory, and feasibility perspectives. They then collaborate with their exclusive manufacturing partner including hands-on work at the factory to ensure that the project brief is executed precisely.

This thorough and detailed approach is what sets MDC apart, enabling them to create high-quality, innovative products that meet customer needs and expectations. James speaks glowingly of his team: “Launching seven models in one go as a series, is a very, very big achievement for the team. And I couldn't be prouder of the team.”

We also spoke with the owner of MDC Campers and Caravans, Vaughan Hindley, about the launch of the new caravan series, and he shares his insights into what inspired him to make the massive investment into developing a whole new range outside of their off-road niche. He stated the concept for the on-road caravan range was inspired by the people who wanted to be part of the MDC family and meeting their needs. “So that any customer that walks into our showroom will have a product here that will suit them and their family no matter what tow vehicle they have.”

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