EP 11 - His vs Hers - The Complete OffGrid Camping Packing List
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EP 11 - His vs Hers - The Complete OffGrid Camping Packing List
Jun 05, 2024 Season 1 Episode 11
MDC Offroad Caravans and Camper Trailers

Ever wanted to understand the thought processes of His vs Hers when it comes to packing for an offgrid camping trip? We thought we’d throw the challenge out there to our Marketing Manager, Sam Moorehouse and Podcast Host, Melissa J Scott, both avid campers and both pretty convinced that their way is the right way when it comes to packing for the ultimate camping experience!

The importance of having the right gear cannot be overstated and in the latest episode of the OFFGRID DOWNUNDER podcast and video series, it was both enlightening and pretty amusing to see the stark contrast between Sam’s and Melissa’s packing lists. It turns out, when it comes to camping, men and women might just have different priorities – and we’re guessing this plays out in every household around the country right before it’s time to go away on a big trip!

At MDC we are big supporters of the Big Red Bash held on the outskirts of the Simpson Desert, Birdsville, and we thought we’d ask Melissa and Sam to share with us the absolute essentials on what to bring…

Sam’s List: Practicality at Its Best

Sam, ever the pragmatist and boy scout, has his sights set on ensuring that no mechanical hiccup can ruin the adventure. His list reads like a survival manual and his approach ensures that no breakdown, puncture, or electrical failure will stand in the way of a good time!

Melissa’s List: Comfort and Convenience

On the other hand, Melissa’s list is all about maximising the comfort you already are experiencing in an MDC caravan or camper, and ensuring an even more pleasant experience amidst the freezing cold nights and beautiful warm winter days in the desert. Her approach to car preparation is to ensure the car is serviced before you go, and being a member of the RACQ/NRMA or equivalent!  And being able to reach them on her portable satellite dish if out of mobile range!

So who’s list is better?!

Ultimately, both lists highlight really important aspects of a successful off-grid camping trip. Sam’s practical tools and spare parts are indispensable for tackling unexpected challenges, ensuring safety, and providing peace of mind. Meanwhile, Melissa’s focus is more on comfort items that ensures the camping experience is enjoyable and relaxing, allowing campers to stay connected, in touch with family/friends/workplace and comfortable!

What Melissa and Sam both stressed was the importance of bringing enough water (even more important that fuel if you have to choose), firewood in case you can’t access it naturally, and something to light it with.

Tune in to this episode of OFFGRID DOWNUNDER to actually learn some pretty great travelling and camping trips, especially if you are heading offroad and offgrid! 

And if you’re heading out soon on your own adventure, please make sure you download our extensive practical packing list to help you on your journeys, and ensure that your vehicle gets you there, as well have a few creature comforts along the way! 

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