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How to Make an Online Course Without Being an Expert

March 23, 2021 Christian Martin Season 1 Episode 85
The Work From Anywhere Podcast
How to Make an Online Course Without Being an Expert
Show Notes

How can you sell an online course without being the expert? We’ve been talking a lot about creating digital assets that can work for you to generate passive income, but how do you create an asset without being an expert?

When I first started out, I didn’t think I was really the expert in anything. I didn’t think I could be the one to create an online course. Instead, I focused on learning marketing, which can be applied to any type business. I partnered with others and helped them sell, letting them be the expert. One of my mentors was making $1 million a month by partnering with people, letting them be the experts while he marketed their product.

For example, I purchased a book for $200 that cost probably $10 to produce. In it, the author interviewed industry experts and transcribed their talks. Why would the experts collaborate on this? It gets their name out there to more people. If you don’t think you can approach people to partner up because you have nothing to offer in exchange, you’re wrong. You can offer exposure, and it goes both ways.

I want to give you 3 tips to go out there and do this.

Tip number 1: Have a clear and visible outcome. Be specific about what your asset is offering. 

Tip number 2: Attract the right clients. Market for who you are targeting.

Tip number 3: Work with the very best. Find out who is the expert in what you are selling and approach them. Provide more value than you take and make it a win/win for everyone.

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