How '100 Epic Days' Created a Catalyst for Change, Conversation with Founder of Epic Bones, Leeane Brennan (Episode #29)
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How '100 Epic Days' Created a Catalyst for Change, Conversation with Founder of Epic Bones, Leeane Brennan (Episode #29)
Jan 28, 2022 Season 2 Episode 29
Shilpa Lewis

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Leeanne is an illustrator, animator, and mindset motivator living in North Carolina. She creates sensitive, whimsical art to help unblock limiting beliefs and manifest a life you can fall in love with. She runs programs to help people start a goal, follow-through, and become the type of person that stays consistent.

She practices "gentle achievement" which celebrates the twisting, nonlinear, slow, unknown path of following the heart.

For Leeanne, only 3 years ago, the thought of creating consistent personal artwork in sporadic bursts of time throughout the day while caring for little kids, would have seemed absolutely impossible. After discovering mindfulness and manifestation and going down the personal development rabbit hole, She has completely changed how she views her life and what is possible.

Her background in animation from the Rhode Island School of Design and many years working in video games and the innovation consultancy world as a freelance illustrator/motion designer has prepared her for this particular moment in her life where she is ready to use her skills to tap into her subconscious to explain concepts around manifestation and mindset in a new way.

The art and programs that she has created are a reflection of all that she is learning as she continues to do the deep inner work that is healing her soul. She strives to remind people that our minds are malleable and capable of changing our reality. In her words “Our dreams are already true.”

You can learn more about Leeanne and her amazing work at these social media links:

  • Her website:
  • Her Facebook:
  • Her Instagram:
  • To purchase her Epic Bones Affirmation Deck:

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