Healing Out Lao'd

E1: Healing Out Lao'd w/Counseling Chef-- Saengthong Douangdara

March 11, 2019 Season 1
Healing Out Lao'd
E1: Healing Out Lao'd w/Counseling Chef-- Saengthong Douangdara
Healing Out Lao'd
E1: Healing Out Lao'd w/Counseling Chef-- Saengthong Douangdara
Mar 11, 2019 Season 1
Rita Phetmixay
Show Notes

MEET HOL GUEST: Saengthong Douangdara

In episode 1 of HOL, Saengthong or "Saeng" joins host Rita Phetmixay for a conversation about using food as a catalyst for bringing communities together. They both dive deep into so many great topics about healing + counseling + food + personas + fitness & LOLs.

Saeng is a Los Angeles based as a cooking instructor and provides cooking lectures that teach participants the science and the historical context of foods. He comes from a diverse background growing up as a Lao American in the Midwest where he pursued a bachelors degree at the University of Wisconsin - Madison following his master’s at the University of Hawaii at Hilo has given him a wide appreciation of foods around the world. With his education in understanding the significance of foods in underrepresented communities and promoting a holistic balanced mental and physical health, he has combined his passion in cooking and teaching in his interactive lectures about food. He has published food photography artwork in magazines, lectured at universities, provided cooking lessons across large food retailers, and cooked for Hollywood events. His philosophy around cooking is to make it approachable, educational, and fun! He hopes to use food as a catalyst to teach people about the history and cultures of underrepresented communities.

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Saeng's Kitchen Website
Thum and Thum LA

Download the corresponding episode for a facilitated meditation by Saeng, himself! You don't need anything but a quiet and safe space to be. You might go to Laos for this one so be ready!!!

Legacies of War
LA Kitchen
LA Times Food Bowl w/Chef Diep and Chef Isa

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