More Unspoken Pitfalls of Working in IT | Ep 6
Tech with Newton
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Tech with Newton
More Unspoken Pitfalls of Working in IT | Ep 6
May 22, 2024 Season 1 Episode 6
Newton Ameh

In this compelling continuation from the previous episode, the host Newton delves deeper into the often unspoken challenges faced in the IT industry. This episode highlights six more critical issues that IT professionals might encounter in their careers:

 Sexism - Newton discusses the persistent issue of sexism in the tech industry, highlighting the underrepresentation of women and the subtle yet impactful ways sexism manifests in the workplace. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing these biases to create a more inclusive environment.

 Bullying and Control - Bullying isn’t just a high school problem; it exists in IT workplaces too. Newton sheds light on how experienced employees sometimes misuse their power, creating toxic environments that stifle growth and innovation.

 Quantity over Quality Problem - The pressure to produce large volumes of work quickly often undermines the quality of output. Newton explains how this relentless pace can diminish the joy and satisfaction derived from one's work.

 Use Them or Lose Them Skills - IT professionals must continually practice their skills to remain proficient. Newton highlights the challenge of skill degradation over time, especially in roles that don't require the regular use of core competencies.

 Language Barriers and Silos - Communication issues within IT teams can create significant obstacles. Newton discusses how different jargon between IT management and engineers, along with the prevalence of information silos, hampers effective collaboration and decision-making.

 The Illusion of Job Security - In an industry marked by rapid change and frequent layoffs, job security is often an illusion. Newton warns of the dangers of complacency and the ever-present risk of being replaced.

 The episode is concluded with an invitation to listeners to share their experiences and suggest additional challenges that might warrant a follow-up discussion. 

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