The Country Music Show

Show #14- Quebec

March 03, 2019 Episode 14
The Country Music Show
Show #14- Quebec
The Country Music Show
Show #14- Quebec
Mar 03, 2019 Episode 14
Canadian Country Music Show
Country music from Quebec
Show Notes

Bonjour! This show is all about country music from the land of poutine, hockey, and construction... Quebec! Now, I know what your thinking, the french are not known for their love of country music, but hear us out. There are some amazing artist from Quebec that do country music and you will hear every single one of them on this episode... haha just kidding!  

Hear music from:
Steph Morin
Record Breakers
Justine Blanchet
Five Roses
Isabelle Boulay
Robby Johnson
Matt Lang
Rene Turgeon

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