STEM Everyday #265 with Science of Sport
STEM Everyday #265 with Science of Sport
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STEM Everyday #265 with Science of Sport
STEM Everyday #265 with Science of Sport
May 10, 2024


STEM Everyday #265 | The Science of Sport | feat. Daren Heaton

MAY 04, 2024

Chris Woods (DailySTEM)

The leaders behind Science of Sport use the familiarity of athletics to make STEM education more approachable and inclusive to all learners. The nonprofit organization partners with professional sports teams to provide exciting hands-on, minds-on learning experiences for elementary and middle school students across the county, creates interdisciplinary programming that translates the concepts of sports into an understanding of the underlying science and mathematics, and hosts training events for teachers to help bring more diverse lesson plans and STEM learning into classrooms.

To date, Science of Sport has created over 100 lesson plans, handed out 20,000 STEM kits, and trained over 6,000 teachers, which has impacted more than 600,000 students. 

Science of Sport Executive Director Daren Heaton oversees all operations and programming and has worked with over 35 professional sports teams to deliver impactful education programs (MLB, NBA, MLS, NFL, and College Conferences). Heaton previously worked for the Arizona Diamondbacks as the Manager of Education Initiatives, where he managed all education programs in the community through the Sales Department, and helped start the D-backs Science of Baseball program. His additional affiliations to professional sports teams include the Los Angeles Galaxy from 2009 to 2011 where he was a Group Sales Account Executive

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