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Dr. Sarah Ahmed talks about her work with survivors of ISIS violence, in Iraq
August 20, 2016 Helena Cobban
In this episode of the Just World podcast, Helena Cobban talks to Dr. Sarah Ahmed, another very inspiring young Iraqi who’s been working to provide direct relief to the news waves of refugees and internally displaced people inside Iraq. Dr. Sarah is the Director of Operations for a UK-based charity called the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East. She talks with passion and conviction not only about the work she’s been doing with some of the deeply traumatized survivors of ISIS’s torments, but also about her opposition to the idea that bombing or any other military operations can improve the situation of the many Iraqis whose plight she knows only too well. As all the talk continues in the western countries and elsewhere about using military violence to try to “defeat” ISIS, Dr. Sarah’s voice and analysis both definitely need to be heard.
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