E25 Rewriting Self-Talk: Overcoming Burnout and Embracing Wellness with Georgia Homsany
The Everlasting Fulfilment Podcast with Nico Van de Venne
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The Everlasting Fulfilment Podcast with Nico Van de Venne
E25 Rewriting Self-Talk: Overcoming Burnout and Embracing Wellness with Georgia Homsany
Jun 21, 2024 Season 1 Episode 25
Nico, confidant to successful CEOs and Founders striving to achieve Everlasting

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In this inspiring episode of the Everlasting Podcast, host Nico von Novena sits down with Georgia Homsany, the dynamic founder and CEO of Daily Dose Wellness. Join us as Georgia shares her journey from a high-pressure corporate career in marketing and brand management to founding her own wellness company dedicated to combating burnout and promoting mental health in the workplace.

Discover how Georgia's personal experiences and struggles with self-doubt and burnout fueled her passion for wellness. She reveals the pivotal moments that led her to leave a successful corporate job and start her own venture, Daily Dose Wellness. Georgia dives deep into the importance of self-talk and how reframing our inner dialogue can transform our confidence and mental health. Her recently published book, "You're Not Lazy," provides practical insights into building confidence through positive self-talk.

Listen in as Georgia and Nico discuss the challenges of maintaining a work-life balance, the power of small, consistent changes in habits, and the critical role of self-awareness in achieving personal and professional fulfillment. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate professional, or simply looking to improve your mental wellness, this episode offers valuable lessons and actionable strategies to enhance your life.

Tune in for a conversation that is both enlightening and empowering, and learn how you too can rewrite your narrative and find lasting fulfillment.

Listen to the full episode to:

  • Explore the journey from corporate burnout to wellness entrepreneurship.
  • Understand the significance of self-talk and how to reframe negative thoughts.
  • Gain insights into balancing professional demands with personal well-being.
  • Learn about practical steps to integrate wellness into daily life and work.

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