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Alli Felsenthal

If you are somebody who is thinking about running, or someone who is looking to train for a Marathon without getting injured, you’re in the right place. Welcome to the RUNWITHALLI LIVE Podcast where I will bring special guests consisting of different running specialists, runners, fitness professionals, speciality doctors to provide their insights and advice on running, how to begin, how to properly fuel for a race and how to mentally set yourself up for running successful for the life. Every Tuesday, I will bring you my own personal stories and how I became the runner, trainer and coach I am today, as well as actionable results from being injured that have enabled me to become a better coach for my clientele. Thanks for the industry leaders I’ve hosted on my podcast for making it possible for me to become the coach that I am today. Being a RUNWITHALLI believer means understanding the wholistic approach to running as a lifestyle. It’s not just about the fitness aspect. It’s the wholistic approach. Everything from training, to nutrition, to recovery, to headspace, to making time for friends and family matters.Stop being so hard on yourself! Tune in weekly for new motivational episodes to inspire you to change your life for the long run. We’re in this together! Thanks for listening to the RUNWITHALLI LIVE Podcast!

Recent Episodes

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