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Faith in Parents #72 | Doing Halloween for Christ with Nay Dawson

October 06, 2021 Faith in Kids Season 2 Episode 72
Faith in Kids
Faith in Parents #72 | Doing Halloween for Christ with Nay Dawson
Show Notes

Join Ed, Amy and Nay Dawson as they talk through a Christian approach to Halloween for parents. We can use Halloween as an opportunity to talk to our children about fearless faith, living distinctively and loving generously. It is also the one time when our community knocks on our door. How can we love them, offer them something of Christ without compromising our deep conviction that Christ is the light of the world?


Ed Drew - Director of Faith in Kids
Amy Smith – Writer for Faith in Kids
Nay Dawson lives in Southampton with her husband, Jon and two beautiful daughters. Nay works with IFES Europe as their Regional Training Co-Ordinator, previously she worked for UCCF since graduating in a variety of roles. She is the founder of Passion for Evangelism. PfE is a network of creative, public female evangelists. Nay runs an Etsy shop called Houses of Light that sells attractive postcards that tell stories that raise curiosity about Jesus.

Quote from Nay:

“It may well be that we don’t trick or treat ourselves. My two daughters get really scared of that kind of stuff. But we were so busy last year. All we were doing was constantly filling up this box to give away ‘gift bags of light’. If you’re unconvinced, go back to Scripture to see what is says about being light of the world, and if Jesus is the light of the world, we have this incredible opportunity to bring light into darkness and point to the light on this dark night.”

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Podcast edited by James Cary.

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