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Faith in Parents #74 | A fresh look at Christmas

November 03, 2021 Ed | Amy | Katy Morgan Season 2 Episode 74
Faith in Kids
Faith in Parents #74 | A fresh look at Christmas
Show Notes

Hear about Ed's motor home, Amy's fisherman and some questionable decisions made along the journey. Join Ed, Amy and Katy Morgan as they discuss their new books, Katy's - The Promise and the Light and Ed's - The Adventure of Christmas... We also hear how children can be captivated by the Christmas story afresh plus... STICKERS.


Ed Drew - Director of Faith in Kids
Amy Smith – Writer for Faith in Kids
Katy Morgan - Editor at The Good Book Company, which is dedicated to helping Christians and local churches grow. She can read ancient Greek, she likes climbing hills and she likes exploring new places.

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This is the book of family Bible times, The Adventure of Christmas, with the amazing Advent calendar (did we mention with stickers?!)  from Faith in Kids in partnership with The Good Book Company. (

These simple 10-minute family devotions for Advent, with graphic-novel-style illustrations, explore the Gospel accounts of the first Christmas in an engaging way, and will help families keep Christ at the heart of their celebrations.

With all the Bible passages and questions already laid out, you can lead these devotions without needing any extra time to prepare, making family devotional time an achievable joy, not an unrealistic burden. There are different sets of questions for 3-4s, 5-7s, 7-12s, teens and even parents, so the whole family can enjoy looking at the Bible together.

There is an accompanying Advent Calendar available.

Written by Ed Drew, author of the popular The Wonder of Easter and Meals with Jesus and the founder of Faith in Kids, a charity supporting children’s-ministry workers and parents as they help children engage with Jesus through the pages of Scripture.

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Written as a series of vivid and dramatic first-person accounts, The Promise and The Light tells the stories of Mary, Joseph and Zechariah as they experience the events of the first Christmas. Written in a lively and engaging style, this imaginative yet biblically faithful book will captivate children aged 8-12.

Readers will be able to get inside the hearts and minds of some of the key players in the Christmas story and will appreciate the power and excitement of what happened and why it is so amazing for us today.

With 25 chapters, readers may choose to read a chapter a day during Advent.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with us at

Culture is asking us all, especially our children to answer the question 'Who am I'? This can make us feel anxious and unsure of where we fit in. God wants us to hear His answer to this vital question.

Faith in Kids is releasing resources starting in the summer and continuing throughout the autumn term addressing this issue. Stay tuned in!

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