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Faith in Parents #79 | Gaming for God

January 12, 2022 Faith in Kids Season 2 Episode 79
Faith in Kids
Faith in Parents #79 | Gaming for God
Show Notes

Join Ed and Amy, as they tackle the complications around gaming and the family, with Andy Geers and Andy Robertson. Are games just distractions from living for Jesus, or do they have a God driven purpose? Find out and explore the world of gaming in the family whilst keeping Jesus at the centre.

Ed Drew - Director of Faith in Kids
Amy Smith - Writer for Faith in Kids
Andy Geers - Andy is the CEO of Discipleship Tech), the creator of PrayerMate and Co-founder of Kingdom Code. For as long as he can remember, he has two passions: Coding and Christ. Since then his passions have grown to include his wife and three children! They live in North London
Andy Robertson - Andy is a technology critic specialising in families. He has written Taming Gaming for parents and the Family Video Game database ( . He writes for national newspapers, appears on BBC TV and Radio. He produces the Family Gamer TV YouTube channel.

Faith in Kids Blog Post:
Gaming for God - An introduction to video-gaming for parents

Links to games:
Bury Me My Love
Stardew Valley
Rocket League
The Secret Of Monkey Island

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Culture is asking us all, especially our children to answer the question 'Who am I'? This can make us feel anxious and unsure of where we fit in. God wants us to hear His answer to this vital question.

Faith in Kids is releasing resources starting in the summer and continuing throughout the autumn term addressing this issue. Stay tuned in!

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