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Faith In Parents #80 | Navigating gender and sexuality with Ed Shaw

January 26, 2022 Faith in Kids Season 2 Episode 80
Faith in Kids
Faith In Parents #80 | Navigating gender and sexuality with Ed Shaw
Show Notes

While everyone else is talking sex, sexuality and gender, how do we navigate these thorny topics? Ed Shaw (Living Out) helps us to show our children the better story (as well as explaining how he has grown out of his support for Richard 3rd and the Conservative party, but is still a Christian and is still same sex attracted)


Ed Drew - Director of Faith in Kids

Amy Smith - Writer for Faith in Kids

Ed Shaw - is the pastor of Emmanuel City Centre in Bristol, England, and part of the editorial team at Living Out. He loves his family and friends, church and city, gin and tonic, and music and books.

Books named in the podcast:

The Plausibility Problem - Ed Shaw

Purposeful Sexuality - Ed Shaw

The Sex Thing - Rachel Gardner

Books by Patricia Weerakoon:

Birds and Bees by the book (for parents of under 8’s) - NB: currently unavailable in the UK.

Growing up by the book (for 10-14s)

Talking sex by the book (for parents of toddlers to teens)

Teen sex by the book (for 15-18s)

God's Design for Sex Series:

Book 1: The Story of Me, Babies, Bodies, and a Very Good God - Stan Jones, Brenna Jones (Ages 3-5)

Book 2: Before I was Born, God Knew my Name - Carolyn Nystrom (Ages 5-8)

Book 3: What's the Big Deal? Why God Cares About Sex - Stan Jones, Brenna Jones (Ages 8-12)

Parents Guide: How & When to Tell Your Kids About Sex, A Lifelong Approach to Shaping Your Child's Sexual Character - Stan Jones, Brenna Jones (For Parents)

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