Living 4D with Paul Chek

EP 54 - The Honest Vegetarian: Paul Chek & Matt Wallden

October 15, 2019 Season 1 Episode 54
Living 4D with Paul Chek
EP 54 - The Honest Vegetarian: Paul Chek & Matt Wallden
Living 4D with Paul Chek
EP 54 - The Honest Vegetarian: Paul Chek & Matt Wallden
Oct 15, 2019 Season 1 Episode 54
Paul Chek
Is vegetarianism really good for you and your health? Paul discusses the pros and cons with Matt Wallden, ND, DO in this meaty Living 4D conversation.
Show Notes

Are you a vegetarian yet still experiencing a lot of health problems?

Maybe your attraction to a specific “ism” — in this case vegetarianism — is driven by something other than the needs of your body, like a deep desire for connection, or Tribe; without really understanding all of the ramifications built upon this one decision you’ve made, you may be trading your health for social connection…

Are you really paying close attention to what your body is telling you it needs for sustenance? If you don’t know how, we can help you!

Paul delves into the pros and cons of vegetarianism with Matt Wallden – Naturopath, Osteopath and the CHEK Institute’s Global Head of Education – in this early excerpt from their new six-part audio series, The Honest Vegetarian, debuting later this month

Learn how you can access this series and much, much more on the new CHEKIVA platform

Show Notes

  • Paul has been a vegetarian twice in his life. (7:33)
  • While Paul was a vegetarian the second time (at age 45) for a year, he had problems recovering from his workouts. (11:42)
  • Why it began not making sense for Matt to be a vegetarian when he was at university. (15:26)
  • “At some point, your physiology outweighs your philosophy.” (18:58)
  • Matt shares poetry he wrote in support of vegetarianism back in the day. (24:42)
  • Treating unique health problems like male impotence, fertility issues and insomnia with a non-vegetarian diet may be helpful. (27:09)
  • Eating the right foods based on your body’s individual and genetic needs developing an intimate relationship with yourself. (31:11)
  • A positive use for vegetarianism: Spiritual development. (35:33)
  • The Rudolf Steiner connection. (39:26)
  • Sound reasons why abstaining from meat from time to time can be healthy. (47:35)
  • People have a phobia about eating organ meats. (58:30)
  • How our psyche reminds us when we’re not paying attention to our body’s dietary needs. (1:07:04)



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