Living 4D with Paul Chek

EP 04 - Elliott Hulse: The Spiritual Strongman

January 01, 2019 Paul Chek Season 1 Episode 4
Living 4D with Paul Chek
EP 04 - Elliott Hulse: The Spiritual Strongman
Show Notes

Elliott Hulse is an amazingly successful entrepreneur known for his inspirational videos on his Strength Camp YouTube channel.

How did Elliott become so amazingly prosperous merely by following his soul’s dreams? Elliott shares his journey which began with consulting a teacher specializing in astrology and cosmic consciousness in this episode of Living 4D With Paul Chek.

Show Notes

  • What is Elliott’s soul dream? (5:05)
  • Finding a mentor is critical to accomplish something greater than ourselves. (8:12)
  • It’s cool to be intelligent… and muscular. (11:58)
  • Modern society is missing initiations into manhood. (16:41)
  • You’ve got to do something courageous or crazy that forces you to man up. (25:29)
  • Life is a form of artistic expression. (34:02)
  • Structure vs. anti-structure. (39:10)
  • Our country has no values. (44:20)
  • Can there be too many choices? (53:35)
  • The origins of Paul’s 4 Doctors system start here. (55:20)
  • The current myth of consumerism. (58:47)
  • Living in a gender-confused world. (1:00:41)
  • Why women choose to have babies via c-section. (1:04:10)
  • The difference between ethics and morals. (1:09:57)
  • The importance of love to the life process. (1:16:25)
  • Love is walking with nature. (1:21:51)
  • Visceral somatic inhibition blew Elliott’s mind. (1:23:37)
  • Cool-down opportunities help men tap the intelligence of their feminine side. (1:28:25)
  • The excessive masculinization of the mind. (1:33:50)
  • Approaching 40, what’s it like to live “inside Elliott” every day? (1:39:45)
  • Anger and fear are very powerful motivators. (1:40:45)
  • The difference between life and death. (1:43:02)
  • Elliott met Paul watching VHS tapes. (1:45:56)
  • Elliott’s next big project: Strength Camp International. (1:49:26)


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