Fetcheveryone Podcast

Episode 10

March 11, 2019 Season 1 Episode 10
Fetcheveryone Podcast
Episode 10
Fetcheveryone Podcast
Episode 10
Mar 11, 2019 Season 1 Episode 10
Ian Williams
Show Notes

Katie battles sleep deprivation to be with us for our tenth episode! We officially have an international audience now, so please remember to review and rate us on iTunes. We discuss your comments, the Big Fetch Mile 2019, the Fetchpoint scandal, and the server outage. There's a chance to win two places at The Ciderthon (and a little plug for our other new advertisers!)

We discuss our forum and blog favourites for the week, before handing the mic over to the lovely voices and wise words of Autumnleaves, Deegee and Corrah. We'd love to hear about your comeback stories, your small victories, and best of all, the times when you've embarrassed yourself whilst running and racing.

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