Look On The Bright Side

45: How To "Just Start" When You Have A Fear Of Starting

January 13, 2020 Jenell B. Stewart | Award Winning Editor| Educate, Empower and Engage
Look On The Bright Side
45: How To "Just Start" When You Have A Fear Of Starting
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I'm really, really excited to jump into today's episode. We discussed in the last episode what to do if you have a fear of starting. I shared part 1 of my Start Before You're Ready framework which are 5 important questions I always ask myself before I start anything. Once I've answered those 5 questions, my journey of getting started continues and I begin to analyze what skills I need. I then organize the resources I need to learn the skills I don't have. I'm going to break down exactly how I do that.

Listen to last week's episode where I share part 1 of my Start Before You're Ready framework - Ep 44: What To Do If You Have A Fear Of Starting?


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Hello, everyone. Welcome to the general. Be sore podcast. I am your host and I'll be Stuart and award winning business coach, keynote speaker and content creator. The Gin L. B. Stuart podcast is designed to educate and power and engage. My goal is to have you feeling uplifted, inspired and empowered after you listen to each episode. Welcome to Episode 45. In last week's episode, we discussed what to do if you have a fear of starting, and that episode was really, really good. I got lots of great feedback, and that episode was the pre requisite to today's conversation. So if you did not listen to Episode 44 I want you to go ahead and do that, because it really helps to bring in what this episode 45 is about. So for those of you who missed it, I discussed this on my New Year's episode, which was Episode 43. How to Be Successful in 2020. I discussed that for the year 2020. I am going to be bringing you podcast episodes that we're going to be thematic and the first theme that we're going through, and we're gonna deep dive into is starting before you're ready and how that fear of starting and just taking that first step is crippling us. Okay, and so we're working through that in podcast episodes. So I'm really, really excited to jump into today because after you've learned what to do if you have a fear of starting, I'm now taking you on this journey with me of how I just get started. Like, what are the first things I'm doing to take me to that place Now, before I jump into the episode, I just want to read a few reviews that were made to my podcast Episode 42 which were was about my business tools that I'm using to grow my multi six figure business. I'm a little late with ease because I haven't been seeing reviews on Apple podcasts, and I usually go there to get the reviews. But I did want to highlight the people that we're taking the time to leave me comments on Twitter or a D. M. So my first review comes from Lady Bella, naturally on Twitter, and she reads, she states, she says, Hello, general, be Stuart your recent podcasts about the business tools you use was very helpful. I like the way you broke it down. Thank you. You are so very welcome. And thank you for taking the time to leave me that comment. And my next review is from a d m on toe on instagram. And it's from violence. Underscore yarn underscored shop. She says, Hi, Jen. L I want you to know that that totally I totally enjoyed Episode 42 of your podcast. I shared it with my daughter who was a fashion blogger. Hashtag Chris topless. Thank you for the work that you d'oh. And I wanted to just say to her thank you so much. And thank you for being an awesome mom. When you find resource is you take the time to actually share them with your daughter to foster a career or, ah, hobby or a passion that she's doing. So I really appreciate you also sharing me with her. Now I am looking for more reviews on Apple podcast. My last one was December 3rd and I would love to get more reviews there. So if you haven't left me review please do so. And if you already did, I still want you to communicate with me on social media and let me know how you felt about the episode. Are you a newbie blogger who has struggled to get your block off the ground? You make a couple blogged Poth, and then you lose steam or no one's reading. No one's commenting, and you have no idea how to get this thing off the grounds. Well, I know exactly how you feel. I was a newbie blogger once, and the Struggle Israel. When I was a newbie blogger, I found great support from other people in my industry. These women helped mentor me. They coached me and they supported me through the highs and the lows of blogging. And as you know, blogging is a full time career for me, and I did this after just a few years of getting my teeth in the game. So I want to work with you. I'm hosting a free training exclusively for bloggers who want to figure out How can I make this my full time gig? If this sounds like something you're interested in, check the show notes for a link to my email list. Sign up and I'll send you all the details And don't be selfish invited friends. See you soon. Okay, so we're jumping into today into today's episode about how to just start when you have a fear of starting. And if you remember, this whole conversation is stemming from people that are allowing their fear of getting started to hold them back from achieving their dreams from from reaching their their goals from living their best life. So I'm giving you the tools today that I use to help me just get started. Because remember, I don't exactly have a fear of starting. That's not a thing for me. And when I started thinking about how it was going to talk to people about getting over a fear of starting but not being someone who actually has this fear, I started to break down. What was it that led me to feel so empowered to do things that I want to do? What is that like? Why don't I have the fear? Am I just this, like, amazingly confident person? Am I like fearless and I laugh in the faith face of danger? No, it's not that what I've identified is that I've naturally built in systems to put me in a position to move forward. That's what it is. So, in the previous episode, when I talk to you about how I ask myself these questions and then I basically begin flushing out what my goals are, this is the next step to that. Okay, so now that I've identified what it is I want to dio and I've asked myself those important questions, I've now begin preparing myself to develop those skills that I lack. Because if you remember in the previous podcast the questions that I ask myself where what do I want to do and why? How soon do I want to do this? What skills are needed and what is the ultimate goal? So now that I have identified okay, these are the skills that I need. I begin doing the research I'm no longer in this place of Oh, my God, I don't know what to do. I've already outlined that. And now that I've identified what skills I need, I am not letting the lack of skills prevent me from actually starting this work. Because if I did that, I would be living in fear, right? I could sit there and say Oh, this is a mountain of skills that I lacked. Remember that The examples that I gave you of wanting to lose me the second example Waas starting a boutique. And the third example was starting a block, All of which I really didn't have the skills to dio, right? So I didn't I'm not gonna allow the fact that I don't have the skills all this mountain of skills toe hold me back from actually achieving this goals. No, I'm going to start getting the skills researching. How do I get those skills? So what I want you to do is identify what re sources are going to help you in getting the skills you need. So this is what I d'oh I immediately start thinking about. Well, what books can I read? Are there books? And I believe in the episode where I talked about I got a weight loss Coach, which was episode 37. I actually discussed with you that there were many books that I had purchased to help me understand how to eat better, right? And I think in that book I mentioned one called start Solutions and I had read I had listened to it on audible. And then I down went and bought the actual physical books so I could highlight. Right? So I look at what books can I read as faras A my blawg I at the time there weren't really books I could read that were about blogging and same thing for the online boutique. I didn't get any books for that. Now, if you're interested in blogging, I actually have a workbook where I give you three books every blogger should read. These are three books that I've read as a social entrepreneur because they've because I've needed support. You know, I'm telling you, you need support and I've needed support. So they've given me the support and they've given me the confidence that I meet as a blogger and a creator, and I want to pass them on to you. So if you look in the show notes, you'll be able to get my workbook with the three books that I recommend every blogger read. Now the next thing I look at is what podcast can I listen to as it relates to weight loss? I also mentioned in my I got a weight loss coach episode which was Episode 37. I talk about how I started listening to a podcast by a weight loss coach, and I put the link to the book that I read as well as the weight loss coaches podcast in the show notes of that episode. So you can see my history is just by going back a few episodes. My history is already showing you that this is exactly what I've been implemented in my life. Right? So here I am thinking Okay, well, what podcast can I listen to? I did the same thing when I was growing my my boutique. I did the same thing when I was doing my blawg. And I do the same thing now that I'm a course creator. I am constantly listening to podcasts to support me on being a course creator. And now that I'm running a school, I listen to you. I read books on this as well. I've gotten books on being a business coach, being a leader, things like that. These are all resource is that I'm using to help me develop the skills that I do not have. After I look at the books after I look at the podcast. The next thing I do is I think about well, are there any videos that have been created on this topic? Because not everybody is podcasting. In fact, so few people podcast, even though those of us that are in the podcast world probably realize that there are hundreds and thousands of podcasts. Well, there are millions of YouTube channels. There are hundreds and thousands of podcast, but millions of YouTube channels definitely surpass Ah, hundreds of thousands of podcast, right? So maybe people have made videos on this subject, and maybe I can read those and they can support me. And maybe the videos are not necessarily for me as someone who is a consumer, but me is someone who's who's looking to start this, which is what I'm looking for, right? I don't want to re watch a video that doesn't help me create the business or, you know, start the thing. So after I get the videos, then I looked to see, Are there others already doing this? And if there are, maybe they have information on this, right? So as it relates to my weight loss experience, are there other people that have information to support me outside of a book. Ah, podcast in a video. Is there someone out there that can help me with this thing? Do they offer consultations? Do they offer coach ings? Do they offer a course? And I found Sonya. So you can see that I actually did this. So just recently, right? I did all this research on my own, and I also found someone who helps with this very same thing. So it was a boy. I was able to get to this place where I had information and I had education. Now, now, as it related to my blawg, I actually found some Resource is on how to get started blogging. I realized that there were actually a lot of resource is on this topic, and I felt really confident, you know, getting that information. And as it relates to the boutique, I actually found someone who had this information, and that would be my business partner because she was into fashion and she had run a fashion boutique called Miss Church Dress. And so she had experience with getting vendors to help me with my inventory. How to, you know, price and put the stuff on your online shopping, all of that. So I had her to support me with that. So these air three different examples where I'm showing you how I go about researching to get the tools that I need in order to get the skill set that I need, right, Because I don't have them. So I'm not allowing the fact that I don't know what to do to be the one thing that keeps me from moving forward. No, I know I don't know what to do, but I know I want to do it. And I already outlined that I want to do it. I already saw it. Said when I have my ultimate goal, I discussed why. And so I'm ready to rock and roll. And you know what? The thing that I want you to take away from these steps is that you may be in a place where you're feeling fearful and overwhelmed. But I want you to know that when I say start before you're ready, or just make the very first step like just take the first step. This is what I mean. I don't mean oh, just put up the store No, don't go Put up your online store if you don't know how to get started. Oh, just just launched the block. No, don't just launch the block if you don't know how to get started. Oh, just go blue some Wait. No, you can't just do that if you don't know how to get started. But the first step could be just finding someone who wrote a blogger post on this and reading it to get the information right. If you want to get into blogging and you want to get into course creation, you can find blog's on this YouTube channels on this podcast on this and you can even enroll in a program like at my my school, the digital content creation school that teach you these things to help guide you along and help you achieve your goals much faster, Might I add now, I'm not sure if you realize this or not, but it's so easy toe build up your confidence to do something when you have enough information when you have enough education and when you've had enough experience. So if you find yourself in this place of I'm so afraid or I'm just not feeling like I'm ready. I'm not feeling like I'm ready. You're nervous. You have anxiety. The best thing you can do for yourself is get more information, get more education or get more experience. So by reading a book on this topic and taking copious notes by listen to a podcast on this topic and taking copious notes or watching a video on this topic and taking copious knows or even better, getting a mentor or a coach or taking a course on this topic and taking copious notes on Lee empowers you to be more confident. Okay, there are lots of resource is so taking the first next up in many cases for me is often just doing the research. But we don't want to get in a place where the research holds us back, right, Like we spend the next 3 to 6 months or 12 months just gathering information and researching and data, and we don't actually get started. We don't want that to happen because that would lead us in a place where our fear has taken over in a different way, because now we got the information, but now we actually haven't moved past fear to put it into place. So in the next episode, what we're going to talk about our timelines and my approach that I usedto learn and then apply whatever it is I'm trying to do. Okay, so this was another quick one. Remember, my goal right now is to discuss these topics over a period of time. We're probably gonna be here for another couple podcast episodes, and I want you to be able to, like, go back and like, do the work and really flush out whatever this is. And, of course, if you're listening beyond you know, when I actually rolled out this Siri's, then you'll be able to listen to the episodes back to back. But for those of you who are listening in real time, we're going to be breaking it down little by little by little so that you can actually get all this information and begin implementing. So when I return for episode 46 we will discuss how I go from, like having no idea what I'm doing toe finally doing it because we have to get past thes two steps to get there. Okay, so I hope you enjoyed this episode I am looking forward to reading your reviews. I am looking forward to reading your comments on my on my Twitter at and I'll be Stewart on my Facebook action, L B Stuart Or, of course, on my instagram agin lb Stewart. I love reading your feedback. It's the only way I know how you're feeling and how you're thinking about this stuff. If you aren't already on my e mail list, I would love to encourage you to get on my email us for two reasons. First reason is I do share the podcast every single time it goes live. Secondly, I'm hosting Facebook webinars every other week. So this episode is going to be broken up by a Facebook webinar, and I want you to be there for that webinar. But you won't know about it unless you are getting my emails. Secondly, if you are looking to get more support and you're interested in learning how to start your create your career as a blogger, I want you to definitely sign up from my new be blogger training. You probably heard the ad earlier in this episode, but I want to remind you to sign up for my new be black or training. I've had hundreds of bloggers of all different levels of experience sign up for my newbie blocker training and really enjoy it and get a lot out of it. So definitely make sure you do that to supplement what we talked about last week. I want to give you a setting, your gold workbook that I made. I want you all to cultivate the habit of setting clearly defined written goals because they are the road maps that guide you to your destination. And I have a goal setting workbook that I made for bloggers and content creators and so you can get it free when you visit the show notes. Okay, so make sure you sign up for that now, before we leave, I want to leave you with an amazing quote. And that quote is the best investment you can make is in your own skills. That's really good, right? It's right on point with what we're talking about today. I want you to write that in the stick, you know, or put that on your phone or tweet it and make sure you at mention me if you d'oh or maybe put that in your notebook or put it on a Google doc, wherever you wherever you are, whatever makes sense for you. I want you to put that up somewhere so that you can remember that that by listening to this podcast and taking the steps that I'm suggesting you are in fact making the best investment, which is in your own skills. All right, everyone, that's the end of our episode. And I want you all to have a great week. And as always, I love you for listening by.