Look On The Bright Side

48: How To Understand Your True Value

February 04, 2020 Jenell B. Stewart | Award Winning Editor| Educate, Empower and Engage
Look On The Bright Side
48: How To Understand Your True Value
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My second theme we're going to dive into for 2020 is Cultivating Your Value. This is going to be so impactful because as a business coach I am meeting so many creators who want to start new platforms and have new business ideas, but they themselves don't recognize their value and they don't believe in themselves. They show me this through the things they say and do. I want to share with you the strategies they've been taught by me to hone in to their value on a deeper level.


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Hello, everyone. Welcome to the general. Be sore, podcast. I am your host and I'll be Stuart and award winning business Coach, keynote speaker and content creator. The Gin L B. Stuart podcast is designed to educate and power and engage. My goal is to have you feeling uplifted, inspired and empowered after you listen to each episode. Welcome to Episode 48 Today West starting a new theme called Recognizing Your Value. If you miss my last theme for 2020 it was called Start before you're ready. And if you are someone who is often very fearful and your fears hold you back from starting something new, I would encourage you to listen to my start before you're ready. Siri's, which can be found at on episodes 44 through 47. Okay, Now, for today, I'm really excited about my new theme called Recognizing Your Value. This thing will probably be only two episodes, so it'll fit neatly into the month of February, which is one of the shortest, which is the shortest month, right? And we're going to start with identifying things like, What is your value like, how do you tap into it? Expressing your value and things like that. And then in the next episode, I'm gonna go through these four archetypes that are best suited to help you determine what your values are and how you basically hone in to them. So let me talk about what inspired this theme. I started my digital content creation school over a year ago, and now I work with women who are wanting to start new businesses. They want to start new platforms. They want to start new careers. They want to be social entrepreneurs and one of the struggles. This is like the biggest struggle that I come into with my coaching clients with my students, my members is that they don't really understand what their value is. They enroll in my program, excited to, you know, start something new, create this new business, launch a brand for the first time, or enhance a current brand that they have. But lo and behold, slowly but surely I find myself being the person that has to encourage them to believe in themselves. It's like they know the mechanics of what they should do. They I know that it can work because they have examples that they believe in and I teach them my start before you're ready. Framework, which I discussed, is in episodes 44 45 46 47. So they got all of those things, but then they don't really recognize their value, and they don't always believe in themselves. And they show this to me by the things that they say and the things that they do. And one of those things that really comes up to me is my members that are in my paid pitch program and how I'm teaching them how to pitch brand so that they can get brand deals. But they completely undervalue their work. They think that because they have a smaller following that they cannot get paid for their work. And one of the things that we even talk about in my coaching and in my master classes is that it doesn't matter how small your following is. You can absolutely still get paid. Brando and I remind them this many times and they they believe that I guess when we're talking about it, however, from some dis something disconnects between when they're on the master class with me and the coaching with me when they buy the program, and then when they start doing the work for themselves like it becomes this like somewhere they lose it, they lose it. One of the things I decided to do to help my members that are dealing with recognizing their value is teaching them the skills that they need to get in front of the brands. Because getting noticed by a brand is a major, major ego boost, right? If you are trying to work with a company and they either like your post or they start following you or they start commenting on your post, or maybe they even d m your email you that's like a major ego boost, Ray. It makes you feel so good. It really helps lift up your spirits as well. So I created a program called Get on their Radar, and this program was birth from me. Wanting to help these women learn howto better get the attention of the brands that they want to work with, and it's been one of my most popular programs in how my members are making changes with the work that they do. This program is really targeted to influencers, so if that is you and you are an influencer, and you're like, I would love to get the attention of the brands I want to work with. I want them to see me. So if you decide later you want to pitch them, they already are familiar with you, right? And developing the relationship with brands is exactly what I teach in my paid pitch program. But this piece get on the radar is so important because I take you step by step through how to create the type of content that brands really want to be in. And doing this with a small following has a great impact on your exposure to these brands because they love working with small influencers, or what we call micro influencers are nano influencers because they have really good engagement and they have really good connections to their audience, right? So if you're interested in they get on their radar program, I'll put the details on the show notes, so that way you can see what it entails. You can visit the sales page of this program, and enrollment will be open pretty much all of February, so definitely check it out soon. Reach out if you have any questions, and if the details on enrollment change, you'll find them in my show notes as well. So I want you to know that your dreams are just too valuable to just give them away for free, like peanuts, right? We want to actually understand our true value. Now, what I want you to do first is I want you to believe in yourself above all else. You can't put a value on yourself unless you believe in yourself first. This means you have to believe that you can achieve results that you can execute, that you are passionate about what you're doing, that you do have goals and that you can do something special or even in possible. There are many situations where I have to put a value on myself, and I lead the negotiation with the realization that I'm going to change the world through entrepreneurship and personal development. I believed in myself when maybe no one else did, or when. Maybe they didn't. Your value is directly linked to your belief. So when I am in a meeting with a potential brand and they are reaching out to me, asking me Hey, Jenelle, we would love to work with you on this partnership. The partnership is going to require you to create a YouTube video, discussing how our core beliefs match your own and sharing this information with your audience. And then we want you to also create content that you can that can live on social media. So we want you to make some instagram stories. We want you to make a, um, a social post on your instagram and something that can live on your Facebook as well. When they reach out to me, they usually will either do one of two things. They will tell me what they're offering or they'll tell me the or they'll ask me, What do I charge for this thing? It doesn't matter to me what they say they're offering versus what it is I charge. Because if what they offer is below what I charge, I will let them know that this is what I charge Usually, what they're offering is a lot less than what I charge. And I know that brands usually have a budget and their budget is you know, whatever number, tow, whatever number, but they're not going to reach out, offering me the top of their budget. So because I already know, you know, brands are gonna reach out. They're not going to offer me anything close to what I would like to know what I would expect for my work. I always have to negotiate, and I hold value to what I d'oh. I don't look at advertising to my audience as, ah, payday, even though it may come across that way from a lot of for a lot of other influencers with me, it's not like that. I don't just wanna advertise to you so I can get paid. I want to advertise to you so that what I advertise can be useful to you in your in your life and your work in your and your however, with your kids and in your marriage in your workouts, whatever. So you'll notice that the things that I advertise our things that totally fit my brand. Recently, I did an advertisement on my healthy general page with Blaze, and it was to promote their Kato pizza. If you have been following me since October, you know that I em on taquito diet, so that's the first thing that totally makes sense. Secondly, if you were following me during the summer every single Friday, we did. Pizza Fridays at Blaze Blaze is one of the few places where you can get vegan cheese and you can put veggie toppings on your pizza. And we went there every single Friday, and once I became key toe in October, we had to stop our pizza nights. We weren't going as often as we were in the summer because kids were back at school or whatever, but we still would go and I had to stop because I can't eat pizza on key toe. So when the opportunity presented itself to work with Blaze, the synchronicity of it'll was just impressive. Like, Are you kidding me? I love Blaze and I'm on key toe and Blaze has Akio pizza, and you're basically hiring me to go eat at a restaurant that I'd normally would eat at and eat in a way that I normally would eat. This is a great opportunity to put those things together, to market that and advertised to my audience because it makes sense. And to be honest, it's something that I would advertise anyway because going to restaurants on a ketogenic dia is really difficult, especially vegan Kato. So I would love to share that with my audience as something that they could do. Another example. I partnered with bounty paper towels many about a year ago, and once again, this is a product that I use every single day. I don't buy any other paper towel other than bounty. I use it in my beauty routine because I wipe my face with a clean sheet of paper towel every single day. And, of course, I use it at home cooking. I use it cleaning. It's of staple in my home. It is what I buy when I go to BJs. And speaking of beaches, I had an opportunity of working with BJs for two years, and that's where I shop. I've always shop that BJs. I only shopped at other places because I was going with someone else and they were going. They're like Sam's Club or Costco, but I shot that BJs. That's the closest, um, whole foods, not whole foods. Where how would not warehouse? What do they call those places? Um, bulk, bulk buy stores. That's near to me, so I already believe in these things. And I'm saying all of that to say, I know I kind of went off that I advertised to my audience with brands and and companies that make sense now for my members. When they're looking toe work with brands and they're getting responses, they themselves are so nervous about what to ask for that they undervalue themselves. Your potential holds value. Your experiences hold value. Your work holds value. If you treat yourself like you're not worth anything, then you'll never appreciate the potential you have. It's in your potential that your true value lies. You can't figure out what you're worth unless you know what you're capable of doing. Your potential is intangible, and a lot of it comes down to your mindset. If your mindset is sharp and you're disciplined, then you will do amazing things and most likely exceed your potential. It's not where you are right now, but where you're heading that determines your value, and communicating this effectively is how you make everyone see what you're worth. Ignoring your potential will significantly reduce your value and result in you being undervalued, which will eventually lead you to be pissed off frustrated and feeling sorry for yourself. Most of what you feel comes down to how you treat yourself. If you treat yourself badly, then people will copy your behavior and they will do the same. And you can't sell what you're worth unless you see it first. So I want you to keep this in mind when you're thinking about what you what your values are. What is it that you love doing and what is it that comes naturally to you? And just because you love doing it doesn't mean it needs to be a career. But if it is something that you could make into a career, when it is time to price yourself to sell yourself, don't undercut yourself. Don't undervalue yourself, and you definitely have to silence the noise that's going on in your head. Some things that I do to help silence the noise in my head when it's telling me that I'm not good enough where I've didn't do enough or what I'm trying to do isn't gonna work is I remind myself of my journey and how far I've come, and I want you to do the same. Think about from whence you've come and how that has transformed because you may not be thinking about your journey and you're thinking about this moment. Another thing I do is I evaluate my achievements. It really helps me to look at how well the things I am doing are going for me. And lastly, I look at my time spent doing things. You know, if you've been doing something for a long time, there is value in that. It's cold experience. Replace your ego with a belief in yourself that you are enough, and you will realize that your value comes down a lot to how you communicate it and the way you communicate it. And so if I tell myself that I am worthy, I'm doing a great job. I'm allowing myself the grace to be a newbie, to be a novice and tow learn, not beating myself up when something isn't perfect or isn't exactly as I had thought it would be based on maybe a video or something that I listened to that taught me how to do it. I still hold on to the value that I am enough all right, so that concludes this episode, and I hope you enjoyed it. Now, I know you guys are gonna have a lot to say about this discussion, so I just cannot wait to hear what you say. I'm looking forward to reading your tweets. You can tweet me at general be Stuart. I'm looking forward to seeing those shares on your instagram story. You can tag me at general be Stuart. And if those of us on Facebook, you can? Of course, I'm also on Facebook. You can also mention my page in your status update, which is at general be stupid. If you did not already, I would love for you to get the word out about my podcast. You can share it on any social media platform. Make sure you linked to it. And of course, if you haven't left me a review on Apple iTunes, I would love that as well. Reviews help other people when making a decision about what podcast they want to listen to. So the more reviews I get, the better my podcast can rank. And of course, who doesn't want to elevate their brand? Of course. You know, I d'oh! So once again, thank you so much. And I'm gonna leave you with an amazing quote. One that I shared on Twitter this week. And this quote is I will rise. I will always rise. Don't you doubt that even for a second? And with that, I hope you will have a great week. And as always, I love you for listening by.