Why We Run

Mirna Valerio Is The Real Deal

June 01, 2022 Beth Baker Season 2 Episode 1
Why We Run
Mirna Valerio Is The Real Deal
Show Notes

People: If you don't know who Mirna Valerio is, please do yourself a solid and look her up. Better yet, just read her book, A Beautiful Work in Progress
Or, you can follow her breath taking adventures over at @Minravator on Instagram.
Oh, and of course, she's also a speaker, and just did a keynote over at LuluLemon.

She is the real deal; beautiful, smart and strong AF. Her goal is to put good things out in this world, which is what we need.

In her former life, she was a teacher and coach and she brings that love of learning to everything she does.

We talk about how she started running and what the big turning points were that kept her going. Then the health scare that had her start again, and what that struggle was like for her body, mind and spirit.

I ask about what drives her and  what she thinks about when she's out on runs, and what she listens to (spoiler alert...it's mostly  nature and stuff.).

We also sing together...I apologize for my part...I ruin it.

WARNING: The contents of this podcast contain the following:

  •    Explosive laughter (and occasional snort-laugh)
  •    How to trick your friends into doing a half marathon
  •    Ooodles of inspiration

This is not for you if you don't want to hear two friends having fun talking about running and adventuring. Sorry.
(Not really sorry.)

About Why We Run:
Why we run is hosted by Beth Baker, a runner, coach and mom who lives in Seattle.

She owns Running Evolution a coaching company that specializes in getting people to start running. In her former life, she was a sound engineer and worked in radio.

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