Why We Run

Episode 9: The C-Word Club Part 1

October 19, 2019 Beth Baker Season 1 Episode 9
Why We Run
Episode 9: The C-Word Club Part 1
Show Notes

UPDATE! We are changing things up this round and are releasing one interview at a time, as opposed to multiple interviews in one episode. This month we have 2 interviews. This episode is part 1, and next week is part 2. (duh)

October is breast cancer awareness month, and I wanted to share a couple of stories from some of the women in my group who got the diagnosis and how they managed it.
  I first talk to Karen who just completed her second marathon a few months ago. She's also an amazing mom, great friend, wife, sister, pastor, and a breast cancer survivor. She shares her story about growing up as a world-class couch potato and when middle-age knocked on her door, she found running. She got diagnosed with breast cancer after a year-long back and forth diagnosis. She described going through hell as she went through chemo on top of being a mom, wife, pastor, and trying to find peace through running.

This is a beautiful story from an amazing soul.

Here are some topics that really made my heart swell: 
*How cancer affected her running.
*The first half marathon post-cancer.
*ALL of the hard decisions that she and her family had to make.
*Her new body.
*How boobs sell everything.
*How she is being brave for her daughter and letting her know that her value is not determinate on what you look like or how many boobs you have.

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