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Screen Jocks S3 S2 "Behind the Masquerade"

October 12, 2020 James Christopher Season 3 Episode 3
Screen Jocks
Screen Jocks S3 S2 "Behind the Masquerade"
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(0:02:08) Jason Tostevin: The cofounder of the Nightmares Film Festival joins us to talk all things “Masquerade” presented by the Nightmares Film Festival.

For a chance to attend, LISTEN to this segment. Then LISTEN to the last segment of the show.

(0:16:41) Classics With The Canuck: Mike Donis is back and talking a film that he grew up with. 

(0:22:40) Jeanine Bartel: We talk to the Prodigals’ Road actress about the film and why it’s important for actors to go to film festivals. 

(0:33:19) Erin Keefer: We talk to the How to Be DysFunctional After Divorce writer about her script. 

(0:41:31) Binge Worthy: Don’t let the horrific segment design fool ya, Carlo and I found the most delightful show. 

(0:52:41) Closing: Tune it to find out how to win the passes to the Masquerade. Put your answer in the ORIGINAL Facebook post on the Screen Jocks page. I also make some folks mad with my ranking of the Nightmare On Elm Street series. And a little fun at Daniel Baldwin’s expense. 

Jason Tostevin
Classics With The Canuck
Jeanine Bartel
Erin Keefer
Binge Worthy with Carlo Rodriguez