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Screen Jocks S3 E4: "Exorcise The Screams"

October 18, 2020 James Christopher Season 3 Episode 4
Screen Jocks
Screen Jocks S3 E4: "Exorcise The Screams"
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Open: It’s getting close to Halloween! Check out indie horror. Nightmare’s Masquerade for one.

We also offer our thoughts and prayers to ARFF Hall of Famer and family member, Tommy Faircloth. He’s strong and he will beat this.

Check out his work for some Halloween fun.
A Nuns Curse 

Family Possessions


(0:04:36) Binge Worthy: Carlo and I watched The Exorcist tv show because the power of Christ compelled us.

(0:16:40) Classics With the Canuck: Mike and I discuss the first horror movie he remembers seeing. 

(0:28:02) Greg Cuoco - Screenwriter

(0:35:50) Mike Messier - Screenwriter

(0:42:58) Ron Clemons - Screenwriter

(0:50:15) Jenness Rouse - Creator, The Shannon O'Brian Chronicles

(0:59:28) Fade Out: Let’s talk Psych horror. 

Binge Worthy with Carlo Rodriguez
Classics With The Canuck
Greg Cuoco
Mike Messier
Ron Clemons
Jenness Rouse
Fade Out