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Screen Jocks S3 E7: "Turkey Day"

November 21, 2020 James Christopher Season 3 Episode 7
Screen Jocks
Screen Jocks S3 E7: "Turkey Day"
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Open: I talk 2020, things to be Thankful for and how to move on. 

It’s great to be the top reviewed festival. It’s better to have the people in your life that make it special.

Shout outs to:

Jessica Bybee Dziedzic

Jourdan Cole

Jason Tostevin

Mike Donis

Cedric Thomas Smith

Lukas Hassel

Scott McEntire

Hoyt Richards

Billy and Elizabeth Kring

Sav Rodgers

(0:17:40) Binge Worthy: Carlo and I are finally getting a little Psycho as we discuss Psych.

(0:38:47) Classics With The Canuck: Planes, Trains and Automobiles is THE classic Thanksgiving movie. Made by and starring some Canadians. Mike’s reveal will shock you.

(0:50:14) Thankful for. Arff: Our festival is ran on the heart, sweat and love of these people:

Nathan Bybee
Emily Joseph
Alyssia Rivera
Grace Hathaway
Emily Reyna
Brendan Johnson
Mike Donis
Bella Marco 
Tim and Maddy
Thanks to:The Marcos 
Melissa and Roel at the Crowne Plaza

(0:55:58) Drew Dammron talks FRUIT LOOPS

(1:02:15) Jaysen Buterin kills clowns for fun.

(1:18:45) Lisa Belcher went on a Javelina Run

(1:28:28) Closing In Out On Turkey Day. Ten year’s ago we made it and we’re giving into you for free this week.  Hopefully makes you laughs we close out the year.

Watch it here.

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Binge Worthy with Carlo Rodriguez
Classics With The Canuck
The ARFF Team...
Drew. Dammron
Jaysen Buterin
Lisa Belcher
Closing it Out On Turkey Day