Screen Jocks

Screen Jocks Season 3 Finale

December 14, 2020 James Christopher Season 3 Episode 9
Screen Jocks
Screen Jocks Season 3 Finale
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Open: I have scene “The Godfather Code: The Death Of Michael Corleone.”

0:04:40 Emily Joseph of the Austin Revolution Film Festival stops back to talk about the changes to the Austin Revolution Film Festival.

0:11:06 Binge Worthy: Carlo Rodriguez and I talk about the Hulu original Happiest Season.

0:21:04 Classics with the Canuck: Mike has seen the 1970s Star Wars Holliday Special

0:30:21 David Reyes talks “First Day In Hell”

0:37:48  Jay Pennington talks about his script “Vinegar To Honey”

0:48: 30 Venita Ozols-Graham talks her short “Who Wants Desert”

0:59:00  Wrap: I’m talking “ A Chance of Snow” and the relationship with Texas Renegade. Find them on iTunes and Spotify.

Emily Joseph
Binge Worthy with Carlo Rodriguez
Classics With The Canuck
David Reyes
Jay Pennington
Venita Ozols-Graham
The Wrap