Screen Jocks

Screen Jocks S4 E1 "Ballgame"

April 28, 2021 James Christopher Season 4 Episode 1
Screen Jocks
Screen Jocks S4 E1 "Ballgame"
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OPEN:  It’s baseball season and who doesn’t love a great baseball film. I talk some under the radar baseball flicks including Summer Catch, Fever Pitch and 50 Summers.

(0:04:12) Lights, Camera, Playball: An excerpt from the baseball show Let’s Get Two featuring the head of the Field of Dreams Movie Site, Roman Weinberg

(0:14:12) Classics With The Canuck:  We’re talking Field of Dreams. 

(0:28:20) Auteurs on the Air: ARFF Hall of Famer Cedric Thomas Smith is here to talk new projects and filmmaking in the pandemic. 

(0:039:28) Binge Worthy: Carlo and I saw Snyder’s ‘opus’, Justice League. 

(0:56:07) The Third Rail: We have to be careful when we start viewing relationships as transactional. 

(01:17:06) And That’s. A. Wrap: Excited to be back. Excited to the top reviewed festival on Film Freeway and excited for 2022.   

Lights, Camera, Play Ball!
Classics With The Canuck
Auteurs on the Air
Binge Worthy with Carlo Rodriguez
The Third Rail
And That. Is. A. Wrap.