The Sport and Recreation Podcast

Episode 2 – Brexit

January 23, 2019 Leigh Thompson & Ryan McCullough Episode 2
The Sport and Recreation Podcast
Episode 2 – Brexit
Show Notes

The Sport and Recreation Podcast – Episode 2 – Brexit

Hosted by Rob Arnott, Communications and Member Engagement Manager, Sport and Recreation Alliance (@RobArnott99)


Leigh Thompson, Policy Manager, Sport and Recreation Alliance (@Leigh_DT) - Leigh is the Alliance’s resident expert on Brexit and its effects on the sport and recreation sector. He has produced a number of documents aimed at helping Sport and Recreation Alliance members prepare for Brexit and has been meeting with government departments and officials to discuss the importance of the sport sector in relation to the EU. Leigh has also contributed to media outlets including The Daily Telegraph, City AM and Sports Management on the topic of Brexit. 

Ryan McCullough, Parliamentary and Policy Officer, Sport and Recreation Alliance (@RyMcCullough21) – Ryan is the Alliance’s Parliamentary expert. He came to the Alliance having previously worked in Parliament and has been working with Leigh to produce ‘No Deal’ Technical Notices to help Alliance members prepare for the possible effects a no deal Brexit may have on their organisations. 

Summary- Leigh and Ryan discuss the latest political twists and turns with Brexit and explain what could happen now that Theresa May’s deal has been defeated. They discuss the options that are still available and look at some of the key areas where a ‘no deal’ Brexit is likely to have a big impact on the sport and recreation sector. 

This episode includes discussion around:

  • The latest updates from Parliament;
  • The importance of Brexit on the sport and recreation sector;
  • Travel and movement of people and sporting goods;
  • Funding, particularly the future of the ERASMUS+ programme; 
  • Data Transfer and why GDPR doesn’t solve all data issues;
  • The possible benefits of Brexit.

Links and Documents 

A number of documents were mentioned in the podcast, many of which are the Alliance’s own work. Some have already been highlighted above but please see the full list below:

The Alliance’s ‘no-deal’ Brexit Document

The Alliance’s Six Tests for Government Document

Government’ ‘no-deal’ Brexit Technical Notices

Government’s Underwrite Scheme for Funding

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